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Discussion: Raina’s Solo Debut, Reset!

Hey Everyone! I’m sure you’re just as excited as we are that Raina is finally going solo! Based on her success with SanE, I’m sure she’ll slay with her solo debut… but let’s work hard to make sure that it … Continue reading

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News: AfterSchool’s Raina releases teaser photo for solo debut!

After School’s Raina will be the latest K-Pop singer to brave the challenges of going solo! With her trademark sultry voice that has always been a staple of After School and Orange Caramel songs thus far, fans are excited to … Continue reading

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Announcement: “Where’s Orange Caramel?” and “The Ultimate Fan” Giveaway Winners!

Hey everyone! Finally we have a list of the Giveaway winners!!! We’ll notify each of the winners by email~ please respond to the email within the next week or we will draw new names!   Winner of the SIGNED My … Continue reading

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BTS Flicks: Jungah, U-ie, Raina and Nana for ‘Muse Dress’

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Instagram Update: Raina ft. KaEun – 140926

#가은#레이나#렝깡#중국#비몽사몽 #KaEun #Raina #RengKkang #China #비몽사몽   credit: hyerin_57

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Twitter Update: Jungah and Raina – 140918

わたしたち、AFTERSCHOOLのひさしぶりのJapan Tourが けっていしました!ぜひ、あいにきてくださいね〜。ORANGE CARAMELもぱふぉーまんすしますよ♡ http://www.after–school.jp  It’s been decided that AFTERSCHOOL will be going on Japan Tour after a while! Please come to meet us~ ORANGE CARAMEL will have performance too ♡ http://www.after–school.jp  りーだージョンアです!わたしたち、AFTERSCHOOLのひさしぶりのJapan Tourが けっていしました!ぜひ、あいにきてくださいね〜。すてきなLIVEにしますので、よろしくおねがいします! http://www.after–school.jp  I am leader Jungah! It’s been decided that … Continue reading

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Facebook Update: Raina promoting upcoming ‘AFTERSCHOOL Japan Tour 2014’ – 140916

皆さん! レイナです! 「AFTERSCHOOL JAPAN TOUR 2014 ~Dress to SHINE~Supported by MARUKO」で会えることが楽しみです! たくさん来てください Hello Everyone!It’s Raina!I’m looking forward to seeing you at AFTERSCHOOL TOUR!Please come to our live credit: Afterschool

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