Discussion: Raina’s Solo Debut, Reset!


Hey Everyone!

I’m sure you’re just as excited as we are that Raina is finally going solo! Based on her success with SanE, I’m sure she’ll slay with her solo debut… but let’s work hard to make sure that it becomes a reality!

That said, what are your ideas for some fun support activities?

Would you like another giveaway? If so, what sort of prize would most excite you? (I mean, you’ll be supporting Raina anyway… might as well win a prize while you’re at it!)

Let us know in the comments below!


Also, remember~ The Ultimate Fan Badge will be a prerequisite for all upcoming comeback support activities! It’s easy to earn and it ensures you’ll know everything you’ll need to know to support Raina next week! So get a head start and earn it now:D




About Captain Sprunchz

Sarah is very excited to be helping with ASDaze's current and upcoming Special Projects! They're going to be amazing! :)
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8 Responses to Discussion: Raina’s Solo Debut, Reset!

  1. MusicBreaks says:

    Personally, I’d just really like and appreciate a detailed description of how the automatic voting system works and how to install/use it 🙂 thank you!
    (Maybe it’s there and I missed it…sorry if so, it happened in the middle of OC promotions)

  2. AdamFJH says:

    Another giveaway would be a great idea. I would like another chance to win an Orange Caramel Youth Travel Essay book 🙂

  3. RAINAfan says:

    New wallpaper

  4. saiking79 says:

    i think Raina debut really a good one。IU & SeoTaiji collab, Kim Dong Ryul, Donny Han (Pledis) new boy, Soyu & Zakapa so this time Raina against vocals stronghold x D so K Netizen awaits Raina solo debut hope another hit。

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