Video: Dispatch After School Incheon airport departure – 140925

디패짤ㅣ애프터스쿨, 친절한 출국인사 “내일은 생얼이예요~”

공항이 내집 같을 걸그룹들. 애프터스쿨 출국길을 다녀왔는데요. 친절한 출국인사에 안하던 질문도 툭툭 터졌다는…

1박 2일 짧은 출장길. 유이는 귀국 때도 와달라는데… 문제는 생얼일거라네요. 촬영에 디스패치 영상팀 황순수 였어요.

Airports are like a second home to girl groups like After School. The members were so friendly saying their good-byes that we ended up asking more quetions than usual.

UEE asked us to be there when they returned in two days, but said they wouldn’t be wearing make-up…

credit: dispatch news

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