Info: After School SCHEDULE Sept 29 – Oct 12

[Concert] 한국폴리텍대학 Daegu Campus Events (Orange Caramel)

[Broadcast] AS BB #3 2014 F/W EP3
[Record] AS BB (Jungah, Jooyeon,E-Young)

[Fashion Show] 2014 Girl Award (Nana, Kaeun) in JAPAN
[Concert]  Gangneung University event ( AS w/o Nana,Kaeun)

[Concert] Incheon event (After School w/o Orange Caramel members)
[Concert] JTV public broadcasting harmony day (Orange Caramel)
[Concert] Ajou University event (After School w/o Orange Caramel members)
[Concert] Gwangju University event (Orange Caramel)

[Radio] K.Will Youngstreet Radio (Orange Caramel)

[Broadcast] 2014 Sky Festival – MBC Show Music Core
[Concert] Busan International Film Festival (Orange Caramel)
[Broadcast] Muse Dress EP7 (Nana)

[Concert] P6:30 계양구민의 날 기념 가을 음악회 (Orange Caramel)
[Broadcast] SBS ROOMMATE 2 (Nana)

[Event] ‘Man from Earth’ press conference (Jooyeon)

[Concert] Dankook University Cheonan Campus (Orange Caramel)
[Concert] Soonchunhyang University Cheonan Campus (Orange Caramel)

[Broadcast]AS BB #3 2014 F/W EP4
[Record] AS BB (Jungah, Jooyeon,E-Young,Kaeun)

♡ Raina The 1st Digital Single ‘Reset’ release

[Concert] 광주공단축제 (w/o Orange Caramel members)
[Concert] 숭실대학교 행사 (Orange Caramel )

[Concert] Green Umbrella event (Orange Caramel)

[Concert] Busan Sasang Riverside Festival (w/o Raina )
[Broadcast] Muse Dress EP8 (Nana)

[Broadcast] OBS event (Orange Caramel)
[Broadcast] SBS ROOMMATE 2 (Nana)

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12 Responses to Info: After School SCHEDULE Sept 29 – Oct 12

  1. 2ndclassnuna says:

    Well I hope AS is helping Pledis get plenty of money for their Awesome Comeback!! Early 2015 I hope?!

  2. Sevensketch says:

    I want to see AS perform without Raina . She has a lot of part in most of the song, i want to know how they will distribute Raina’s part . I hope eyoung will get more sing part 🙂

  3. Callie Stone says:

    ok what is a man from earth?????

  4. QueenYoung says:

    We fans also have a schedule too keep up with! XD We need to show Raina’s debut our love. I also found a thing on tumblr. Som fans Playgirlz/Playboyz have made a project. Sadly it is about getting them vies on 1theK but after that they would do it on first love (in Pledis) too. I think we should help them out! ❤

  5. saiking79 says:

    As i say early this year PlayGirlz we want AS comeback twice or more from After School right??? Now Pledis just use sub unit Orange Caramel & a Raina solo debut Pledis think now Korea still in demand。But we PlayGirlz already think it to much for a sub unit。Who don’t want AS comeback more when is Pledis main girl group。If 2015 After School have comeback often PlayGirlz please don’t say IT TO MUCH AS COMEBACK。 xD

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