News: AfterSchool’s Raina releases teaser photo for solo debut!


After School’s Raina will be the latest K-Pop singer to brave the challenges of going solo! With her trademark sultry voice that has always been a staple of After School and Orange Caramel songs thus far, fans are excited to see what she could bring on the solo stage.

Her first digital single, titled ‘Reset’, will be released on October 8. Stay tuned for more from Raina!

credit: allkpop

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8 Responses to News: AfterSchool’s Raina releases teaser photo for solo debut!

  1. YoyoMG says:

    I just can’t … I can’t … Raina makes solo debut!!! TwT I’M SO HAPPY I COULD MOURN!!! October will be a good month ;D asdfasdfasdf ❤ ❤

  2. Ta-Ke-Ssi says:

    Those are great news. After having payed more attention (than before) to other solo singers lately (Mostly IU) I had really wanted to see what awesomeness our Raina could achieve as a solo-singer. 대박.

  3. 2ndclassnuna says:

    Raina definitely has the voice to become solo! I’m excited! But it’s kind of sad that she was able to go on stage three times this year and the rest of AS girls (besides Lizzy and nana) could not :(. anyways..I hope it’s a good song! Raina FIGHTING!

  4. Everton Roberto says:

    I’m happy for her but Pledis what the hell are you doing this year, your artists are only Raina, Nana and Lizzy now?!

    Pledis used to be my favorite K-Pop company but this year… I can’t take this anymore =(

    • AdamFJH says:

      Haven’t you heard, After School was going to comeback this year and they were even practising for it but felt their song was mediocre so they chose not to comeback because they didn’t want people to think they they were pass their prime. That’s pretty good quality control if you ask me. There are companies out there that will have a group come back just of the sake of making money regardless of the quality of their comeback, Pledis is not one those companies so at least you can be grateful for that.

      Hopefully when After School comebacks it’ll be with an awesome songs 🙂 Let’s not pressure Pledis into forcing After School to comeback with something crap because it’ll do more damage to After School then not comeback at all.

  5. AdamFJH says:

    RAINA RIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Sevensketch says:

    Yeah Rainaa :’) . This really madr my day….
    She is getting more attention this year 🙂

  7. Sarah says:

    Ahhhhhh I am just so freakim happy! hahaaha but I definitely read that as “Reese’s” at first #hungry xD

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