Video + Flicks: Orange Caramel performing at Brave Concert 2014 – 140913

2d245d55e2adf8e2dff0ac7e31e6e81d 4c20ad590c7efa3172b719dd94f12c97 6c4c78c631daad1bfd7ea523a3d786d2 7ee411ec3aa3f7b4fd404b571e219a2d 08a1d9ca639e49988400406e0b10bb69 8d8c9c1a9629cb296c9118309adc5753 9d17f72309eda7de65d36408964d9d3f 013e34b376740a0b0fa86135e919a1e4 49fb49f4cb6def9be889fb15c4f5956f 845aeffa8bf1b7dc42840f0b02e9db0a 27601df03f51d1f74af283f89593a526 31174e911c1520417b930a90f7bd57ab 036519e9c23825007f1acf94a7059a70 67343b02bbe9a4d9b7dbb4233d4701b7 0213779116dd84271242ca5a93bc8980 a9d2d24e7a5dd74f395671fc30a73f6c b38af1b29af970fb63fa283c5916701b bc8d720cf66971b3bd2f1726ba8a696f c9e892a592180e7468794470bbf96149 c55b7d94320950e796d9361190531cad ccb3da586aa44e6039f3035000563128 d2d346ea30828fbfc0defd10ad82dcee DSC_6489 DSC_6683



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