Video: [MV] Orange Caramel – The Gangnam Avenue


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6 Responses to Video: [MV] Orange Caramel – The Gangnam Avenue

  1. NANAandLIZZYfanatic says:

    Hard to be fully excited with the news of EunB still so recent, but I’m glad this song got a mv so more ppl will discover it. Incredibly simple MV tho, didn’t look like it took them much time/work, there really isn’t any sets.

    • EyoungFan says:

      Agree with you there. I had originally planned to make my comment on the video much earlier but like most people I was thinking about the bad news. That being said I actually think it was good of Pledis to release the MV today (I know it was planned from the begining on their part) but the MV was the first thing that put a genuine smile on my face this morning.

      The video reminded me of an important thing, why me, who hates cute concepts still loves Orange Caramel. They cheer me up in sad times and I hope more pople feel a bit better just like I did when they stumble upon the video.

  2. EyoungFan says:

    My brain is so happy for them even tough my heart is still a bit not quite there yet. Once I start to get over the tragedy my heart will be fully happy for them too though. Even though it is clearly done on a budget and I am aware of that pledis is in a sticky situation in terms of its’ financial state I still think the video was doine in a good way.
    I am also glad that this is the first video b-side for AS/OC since the Virgin album. (If I remember correctly that is.)

    Gangnam Street/Avenue (what shoudl we call it admins? I prefer street to be honest…) Anyways Gangnam “…” is a great song and the first time I heard it I liked it more than My Copycat and from the begining I hoped for a follow-up promotion and I am so happy that it will actually take place. The stages for My copycat can’t have been cheap and I really think that this song will make them chart once they start promoting it instead, I hope there will be less competition then and that they will actually win.

    I have still not given upp my hope and I hope OC will raise some more money for Pledis and kick some serious “bumble bees!” – And yes I did just do a bee pun related to one of their epic comeback stage for My Copycat becausse I am not ending my rant with a foul word. So Go Orange Caramel and kill it on that stage. ❤

    • NANAandLIZZYfanatic says:

      I don’t get why they couldn’t just actually have them in Gangnam, instead of the black set with some cheesy cgi lights. You’d think that’d possibly be cheaper too.

      Edit: At least the video itself is still HD.

      • EyoungFan says:

        That might have been cheaper indeed, altough I know next to nothing about video editing and the costs for making the MVs in that kind of industry. But at least now Orange Caramel will get even more attention.

  3. YoyoMG says:

    The video reminds me of Cinderella 🙂

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