News: Nana ranks 2nd once again on ‘Muse Dress’


Nana showed she really was the queen of fashion by ranking 2nd once again on ‘Muse Dress‘!


The second mission for the variety show was to show ‘high-end fashion of the 70s’. Nana matched a gray-and-navy vest and a pair of gray shorts for a clean, modern look She also strolled down the runway with complete confidence, making her outfit look even better.

The designer said, “Vests go with anything. As for her shorts, even though it looks like a mini skirt, the inside is actually a pair of shorts, so she can match it with anything.” She managed to rank #2 again, but she got a higher rank from the buyers than last time.

She said, “I was burdened because I was #2 last week. But I want to have big dreams, so I want to say I’m going to be #1 today.” After she got #2, she said, “I’m very, very satisfied.

Congratulations to Nana!

credit: allkpop

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One Response to News: Nana ranks 2nd once again on ‘Muse Dress’

  1. AdamFJH says:

    Yay, go Nana!!!!!!!!

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