Flicks: After School performing at We Love Gangwon K-Pop Concert – 140830

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20 Responses to Flicks: After School performing at We Love Gangwon K-Pop Concert – 140830

  1. Queenshi says:

    uee so damm beautifull and she so happy old caramel was fine and eyoung, kaeun to but i think lizzy was so skinny it is scary

    • ikram says:

      Yes uee is so damn beautiful as usual
      By the why asdaze didn t put the news about uee in the jungle there are two or three artical but they didn t put it even any cut for her .it s sad they focus only for other member

      • Queenshi says:

        YES I THINK AS DAZE is more focus on orange caramel than after school

      • Sevensketch says:

        Be Patient people, the admins are human too so may be they need sometime to post those articles about Uie Noona 🙂

      • Sarah says:

        Dear ikram and Queenshi,

        super sorry we’re not meeting your expectations. I can tell you that our team loves ALL after school members. It’s part of the reason we volunteer to do this job everyday!

        That said, we only have one news admin right now. And the workload can be a lot for just one person to find and update all the news throughout the day.

        We’re not currently hiring, but in the future when we open the position please consider applying. and as always if you have a tip, we rely on our readers to email us at admin@asdaze.com 🙂

        • Queenshi says:

          I understand that you’re too busy but I think since orange caramel has become “popular” this site is more orange caramel “than after school. Whilst this is a fansite for after school.

          the “little” fans who stayed for after school are beginning to split because of favoritism orange caramel (at fault Pledis) and even the official sites are more orange caramel.

          I’m just a fan Who expresses anger because I am for after school since AH until now.

          but this is the first time I’m scared for after school.

          • AdamFJH says:

            @ikram and @ueeshi:disqus if you have news concerning UEE please feel free to post them in the Playgirlz Times section of the forum at http://afterschooldaze.forumotion.com/f4-the-playgirlz-times That section of the forum was meant for it anyway. Don’t just expect ASDaze admins to do everything, they are human too and there is a limit to how much they can achieve in a day. You guys need to pull your own weight and help out and so does every other fan.

          • EyoungFan says:

            Trust me, I understand you too. I have not been an AS fan since their debut but even I am worried now. Not so much for AS only but pretty much for all of Pledis. I get why they would let Orange Caramel have a comeback instead of AS, I think Pledis is working hard to earn some money. The thing is that it is not working, what they did with NU’EST did not gain as much traction as they had hoped either and then breaking up Hello Venus (altough not only Pledis fault) is making a lot of people upset. Even Dress To kill suffered because of the release at the same time as Catallena.

            I have seen the split of After School fans too and how fans almost pick sides. I get why they would do that and I myself am and After School fan first and and Orange Caramel fan second. Luckily we have Beauty Bible and the second tour coming up.

            I think After School is in an unfortunate situation, pledis does not know how to manage all their artists and it causes a tearing in the fandom. There are also many rumours going around about Ara and Yoonjo being in a future unit with E-young ad Kaeun, talks about the next graduation, a new pledis girlgroup, Ara and Yoonjo as new AS members, people who really want new members and even people who want all of OC to graduate from AS completley. So many opinions and so much arguments amongst Pledis stans…

            But in the end there is not much we can do. All we have to do is keep supourting this OC comeback, if we don’t it has all been in vain! Besides they are actually being the best they ever been and that deserves much more love than what they are getting. Then we need to show Beauty Bible our love and hope for a comeback from After School soon that will hopefully make everyone hapy once again.

            I guess waiting is key but that has never been one of my strong points. We will just have to apreciate the little things while we wait such as Uee who is pretty much one of the most sucessful people from Pledis (at least if you ask me) and the makanes slowly but safely getting some eyes on them too.

            • Queenshi says:

              you right but i just say my feeling like always and i apology if i hurt someone and of course i respect admins hard working but share my opinion

              • Sarah says:

                It’s ok 🙂 Just remember we’re not associated with Pledis at all. Merely a volunteer fansite for After School and their sub-unit Orange Caramel.

                Also, you should be happy to hear we have a special guest columnist from another AS Fansite slated to write a Playgirlz Report for us, roughly on Pledis’s current situation and recent short-comings. A slightly more in depth look at the situation, and why Playgirlz and boyz have the right to feel disappointed.

                So look out for that!

              • EyoungFan says:

                I don’t think you are hurting anyone’s feelings, I think all the discussions going around between fans is actually not hurting anyone yet, except maybe After School and Orange Caramel themselves.

        • EyoungFan says:

          Don’t worry too much about it, I get that you are busy… I have noticed it a while ago. I have been busy too and missing in action from disqus recently, but now I am trying to get back on track. Love all the ideas you said that you have for the site in the future. I wonder where allt he other admins went? Oh well I hope you don’t overwork yourself, I will try to help with the email tips if I find something of value =)

        • AdamFJH says:

          THANK SHU FOR THE HARD WORK<3, I've tried keeping the news section of the ASDaze forum up to date before and it isn't easy, anyone else wants to see how hard doing Shu's job is should try keeping the new and gossip section of the ASDaze forum updated.

  2. saiking79 says:

    At last whole AS team performance = )

  3. Sevensketch says:

    Raina’s red hair really makes her more sexy and cute at the same time :3

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