News: Nana ranks 2nd on the 1st episode of Chinese show ‘Muse Dress’

The first episode of the Chinese variety show was to show off a ‘muse dress’ that had vacation as the concept. 

Nana used the concept of ‘a muse’s beach’ and showed off various beach wear, combining swimsuits with fashion items. She showed off a black and white bikini with a long, torn skirt and vest, adding a sporty charm to her sexiness.

She then took over the runway, walking to After School’s “Ah”. As a former model, Nana totally took over the stage. She gained enough ranking from the buyers, the audience, and the other participants and rose to #2 in the final ranking for the episode.

Nana said, “I was so happy when I was confirmed to join this program. I had a lot of interest in fashion, and I wanted to go out on competition shows, so I was so happy to appear on the program. After I was confirmed, I started getting nervous. I think that since I appeared on the show, I should aim for #1.”

She said, “I thank the members who judged along with the audience, and next time I’ll work hard to achieve a high score from the buyers as well.”

credit: allkpop

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One Response to News: Nana ranks 2nd on the 1st episode of Chinese show ‘Muse Dress’

  1. AdamFJH says:

    yes, aim for #1. NANA FTW!!!!!!!!!!!

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