7 Responses to Fan account: Raina talking about After school’s comeback

  1. Sevensketch says:

    imho, After School as a Group they are already have powerfull Singer like Raina and JungAh, popular faces of the Group who also a model (Nana) and actress (Lizzy, Uie, Juyeon) and two extremely cute maknaes who have excellent talent on their own (Eyoung, Kaeun) but i always thinking that something missing from the group since Bekah and Kahi leave, a Rapper. They need a powerfull Rapper to lift up the beat even it’s a sad song.

    since my favorite AS song is BOY and Bang , i’m always feel something missing from their song and not as powerfull as BOY and Bang. I think Lime (Hello Venus) could fit the position since i thought she is under Pledis but it’s not anymore because she is from fantagio. idk, but that’s just what i feel, AS is my only favorite Group for almost 5 years 🙂

    • Renzel says:

      OMG yes, I also really wanted Lime to join After School but considering the fact that she’s legitimately from Fantagio, I don’t have my hopes up. anyways, I hope Kaeun will be trained more to be a good rapper since right now, I don’t want anyone to be admitted or to graduate :/

      • Jayden says:

        With the way After School’s been in a lull for over a year now, I agree that adding or removing members wouldn’t be a good move. That creates a lot of flux that would threaten existing fans of the group. What they need is to release a few solid singles as the current group, and then when they’re on a stable high, then should they look into possible graduations or admissions.

      • saiking79 says:

        Pledis should be know current After School weakness and we hope Pre school girls do have a “Strong” rapper like Kahi, Bekah, F(x) Amber, etc。for the future。Actually current member do know rapping are Lizzy, Nana, Uee, & Kaeun but still not “Attractive” for their selling points。For what i imagine an issue that when Bekah reunion with current members i think Pledis may have some discussion with Bekah & Kahi on ” what After School really need to “Focus” on “Raps” 。 We PlayGirlz really see the result on due song Raina with San E that what South Korea want now is a song with Strong Raps blend with Strong Vocals just like BOY song。

  2. saiking79 says:

    I’m patience & stay calm waiting After School comeback。Worth to wait the “HIT SONG” not the mediocre song that true dear Raina。= D

  3. Ed says:

    That’s a right move, for it will surely be worth the wait!

  4. 2ndclassnuna says:

    I’m torn! on one had I really like that AS is being very careful in picking their comeback song..but on the other hand, I fear that AS will fall into irrelevancy…:( But i’m glad Raina was able to tell us SOMETHING about their comeback!

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