“Where’s Orange Caramel?” Game + Album Giveaway


To earn badges you must first Join Credly and Log-in here at: http://asdaze.com/wp-login.php. If you need more instructions, just go HERE 😀

Starting Wednesday, August 20th:

To add extra excitement to this comeback, we’ve designed an exciting ASDaze Game + Album Giveaway, “Where’s Orange Caramel?”!

Earn the Where’s Orange Caramel? Badge for a chance to win a My Copy Cat Album!

  1. Each Week, Find Orange Caramel in the ASDaze Background 😀
  2. and Support Orange Caramel in a method of your choosing!

Earn the Ultimate Fan Badge for double the chance to win!  We’re preparing NEW fun challenge to earn DOUBLE the chance to win a My CopyCat Album. Coming Soon!




About Captain Sprunchz

Sarah is very excited to be helping with ASDaze's current and upcoming Special Projects! They're going to be amazing! :)
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37 Responses to “Where’s Orange Caramel?” Game + Album Giveaway

  1. ツಌಎಇTomomeowಇಎಌツ says:

    I even make a simple banner for my fb and twitter to support OC.. Hope this event will be attract more fan ~~

    • Sarah says:

      You’re super awesome :’D If you feel like it, maybe you could share the banners you made here or in the forum to inspire more people to do the same <33

      ah man, and I hope soo tooo ^^

  2. Kennen MD says:

    I ‘ve kept this as my cover photo ever since Catallena came out, you can see that I made it myself because of the low quality XD
    Just the other day, I made one of my kpop friends a big fan of Orange Caramel :3
    http://tinyurl.com/l8r8llw (made it tinyurl because facebook link was too long)

    Anyway, I really like this website now and hope OC’s promotions and events go well!

    • Sarah says:

      It’s so good! 😀 aww OC is so cute. That’s so awesome you made an Orange Caramel fan out of your friend!

      If you have time, definitely invite your friend to check out ASDaze and join the “Where’s Orange Caramell?” Game + Giveaway!

      Yay! We’re happy to have you 😀

  3. RudiF14 says:

    I tweeted about their new MV while including the official hashtags to increase OC’s SNS points! Hope they win next week! I’ve been a fan ever since Lipstick~ Fighting! https://twitter.com/RudiF14/status/502923906299097089

  4. YoyoMG says:

    I can support through twitter, Using the hashtags. I’ve already done before, but can not find the tweets xDD We can also search for “Orange Caramel” in Naver, Daum and others (I can not remember the name, but look for the links xD) after the live presentations. Unfortunately, I can only do it on weekends, Friday, Saturday and maybe Sunday 8c ❤

  5. jovitu says:

    check your e-mail ❤

  6. YoyoMG says:

    This week will support voting on M! Countdown, starting on Thursday (Friday in Korea ❤ Also I did last week, but did not say e.e) VOTE FOR ORANGE CARAMEL!! Orange caramel is ranked sixth place…

    And again use the search engines after the Live Performances on weekends ^^'

  7. ツಌಎಇTomomeowಇಎಌツ says:

    NAME : ツಌಎಇTomomeowಇಎಌツ
    SUPPORT : Tweet, Voting, Supporting and
    spread the world about OC (fb-twitter-weibo-aff-naver-daum & more) ~~

  8. Kennen MD says:

    yay week 2!


  9. jovitu says:

    as i’ve told sarah by e-mail, i’ve supported OC on twitter during my math class using the hashtags. i’ve already voted too ❤

  10. AdamFJH says:

    I’m supporting Orange Caramel by using and sharing the Playgirlz Voter system to vote and gain SNS points for Orange Caramel http://i39.servimg.com/u/f39/18/76/14/20/playgi10.png

  11. rirism says:

    This week is difficult omg

  12. YoyoMG says:

    I will support tweeting again (in Spanish, sorry xP) And use the search engines after the Live Performances, I’m usually half an hour or more…

    I will try to use the Playgirlz Voter system e_e ❤

  13. Juan Miguel Gonzalez-Venegas says:

    Im supporting Orange Caramel by sending a twit and by running the Playgirlz Voter System for the rest of there promotion period.

  14. Guest says:

    welp, I try to share some OC with my kpop group :3

  15. Kennen MD says:

    week3 😀

    I try to share some OC with my kpop group,

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