Video: [ETC] Lizzy Ice bucket challenge

@p_Lizzy: Seunghyun Song of FT Island,
Film Director Luc Besson and
Owner of Man City FC Sheikh mansour Please join this campaign to help others! 🙂

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3 Responses to Video: [ETC] Lizzy Ice bucket challenge

  1. gueus says:

    hmm… i don’t think she’ll get besson or the sheik tho =

  2. EyoungFan says:

    Hahaha dying of Lizzy and her quirkiness! She is a genius when it comes to originality, love her English, she improves every time. xD As an international fan there are no limits to my appreciation for her efforts! Loved her little “My Copycat” promotion in the end. And in a true Orange Caramel spirit she did it in a kid pool lol! It also reminded me of a great interview she did, with Raina and Nana all in English. Yes it may be old but you can not watch it enough times and if anyone have missed it (God forbid!!) then I will leav it here to brighten your day. Or should I say let Orange Caramel brighten your day? 😉

  3. jinkat4 says:

    I have watched this like 5 times, Lizzy and her english is so cute!

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