Twitter Update: KaEun celebrates her 20th Birthday 140820

편지읽으면서 울컥울컥…ㅎㅎ
진심으로 축하해주시는 그마음 진심으로받을께요..!!
다들사랑하고 오래가기 ~ㅎㅎ
(태어나서 이렇게큰케잌 처음이에요ㅜ

credit: @kkaaanngg


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3 Responses to Twitter Update: KaEun celebrates her 20th Birthday 140820

  1. EyoungFan says:

    Happy happy birthday to E-young’s kid! Haha no just joking, Kaeun is a woman of her own. Congrats to the makane and if I have the time (and don’t die during the first day of school) then Kaeun will also get at least one photoshopped image from me! 😀 Looking foreward to seeing all the B-day magazines later once the admin team has the time to make them. 🙂

  2. EyoungFan says:

    Mission failed. The first day of school did not actually kill me but I fell asleep 3 times! But only while traveling. x) So yeah no funny photoshops from me tonight but I can make a… Err I am not sure what it actually is called but I think it is an anagram. Here we go, Happy B-Day to:

    K: “Kid of E-young, that is very well taken care of by her generation mate”
    A: “Always and forever eye-smiling makane”
    E: “Epic rapper youngster with solid vocals”
    U: “Unnie worshiping of the editor Jooyeon in Beauty Bible as she joins the Jo-line”
    N: “Nana’s other buddy when Lizzy is not stealing all of Nana’s attention”

    That was the best I could do for tonight but I hope it made someone smile 🙂

  3. Sushi says:

    Kaeun is very sweet. She tweeted thanks to all her fansites on twitter lol

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