News: Raina and Lizzy talk about Orange Caramel’s new concept + AfterSchool activities

On August 19, Orange Caramel’s Raina and Lizzy appeared as guests on SBS radio program, ‘Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School,’ and talked about their latest concept and After School activities.

The girls have been gaining quite a bit of attention with their unique ‘Find Orange Caramel’ concept for their album, which has been designed to be a more interactive game experience for fans as they have to look for the hidden members and scenes in the MV.

When asked about this unique idea, Raina said, “This album concept was not actually our own idea,” Lizzy added, “The MV director and others gave us far more superior ideas than we came up with. We are grateful they were able to create a lot of attention for us.”

As there have been an abundance of Orange Caramel activities but not so much from After School, DJ Kim Chang Ryul said, “It feels like After School is laying low.” Raina said in response, “I don’t think a new album for After School will come out this year unless a good song comes along. The After School unnis cheer on Orange Caramel’s promotions. They like that Orange Caramel release a lot of albums unlike other units. Jung Ah unni will also follow along with our song.”

credit: allkpop

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