Facebook Update: Orange Caramel Facebook Q&A – 140818


Q: “When will be AfterSchool Comeback?”

“Don’t have a plans yet” T_T


Q: Nana-ya have thought of filming a movie?

Nana: Yes.
Q: Nana you’re good at chinese language right? Can you reply in chinese?

Nana: Hao De
Q: Nana, baseball vs. soccer?

Q: Strawberry vs. Mango

Nana: mango
“In OC what are you envious about between each other”

Nana’s proportions Raina’s big eyes Lizzy’s variety sense
“Lizzy is completely pretty”

Lizzy: As expected, you see well (means you have good taste)

“Lizzy is so pretty♡ Some tips on appearance?”

Lizzy: father & mother’s genes
“Nunas so charming”

I’m park lizzy. i know.
How did you became a model?

Nana: mom recommendation!
Someone asked Lizzy what does “앺비박” mean
& she replied: “애-프터스쿨 비-쥬얼 박-리지” means AFTER SCHOOL VISUAL PARK LIZZY

(credit: asdaebakk; @bisuaI; @rayAne__AS)

10488176_780054165389982_1660462733050337521_n 10606498_780054515389947_2607174641395881665_n

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