Flicks: Nana cheering for Song Gayeon at ROAD FC Match – 140817

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10372166_779594278769304_4648699734561563971_n 10409777_779525152109550_5277962256804423222_n 10425481_779594178769314_2685331784721496437_n 10473407_779594392102626_6323222415422988213_n 10559704_779594368769295_7807469273463106146_n 10561771_779561712105894_1380379483125979831_n 10563006_779564422105623_9221714101938937754_n 10568784_779564345438964_6259846312975113485_n 10584086_779594422102623_7900099107315508819_n 10590672_779561612105904_3904706746815736237_n 10599481_779525385442860_3176280903571525362_n 10603689_779564395438959_4527075120546805105_n 10606236_779565318772200_4879773797193111143_n 10610588_779564358772296_4329716314658027242_n 10612892_779594352102630_1170797847768888842_n

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3 Responses to Flicks: Nana cheering for Song Gayeon at ROAD FC Match – 140817

  1. guest says:

    here is the fight for those that missed it. (btw, probs just leave it in the comments incase it gets blocked. http://t.co/rqWLPLpmd9

  2. Sarah says:

    Omg their hug was so intense and cute.

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