[Teaser] ORANGE CARAMEL ‘나처럼 해봐요(My Copycat)’ Music video

Orange Caramel The Fourth Single ‘My Copycat’ MV Teaser Introduction!

The theme for Orange Caramel’s new single ‘My Copycat’ is ‘Find Orange Caramel!’
So, here we are with a little event; ‘Find Orange Caramel Season 1’!

Mission 1. Find Lizzy! This is the level one mission. It should be very easy (:
Mission 2. Find Raina! This is a level two mission, which means it’s a little bit difficult than finding Lizzy. A little hint is… find a girl with two braids!! BUT, be careful for a sudden appear.
Mission 3. Find Nana! Level three Nana’s hint is already here!
If you found Lizzy, Raina and Nana, it’s a mission success!

You’ll know the answers through the music video which opens on 18th (Mon).
Teaser is just a trailer.
Currently, we are preparing music video which you can find more Orange Caramel!!
Finding Orange Caramel will be continued during this album promotion!

My Copycat… To Be Continued…


About Captain Sprunchz

Sarah is very excited to be helping with ASDaze's current and upcoming Special Projects! They're going to be amazing! :)
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3 Responses to [Teaser] ORANGE CARAMEL ‘나처럼 해봐요(My Copycat)’ Music video

  1. Sushi says:

    It’s like one of those games where you find the hidden objects and the sound reminds me of Lipstick. This is gonna be great

  2. Anyone notice the blue track suit break dancer? Seho in his #MyLoveFromTheStars costume hehe. His dancing has improved ;D

  3. saiking79 says:

    thus it give me look a viral comeback other 18 comeback to be alert OC

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