Flicks: Orange Caramel recording for ‘Day Day Up’ – 140811







4d0b0da2a5301cd829152a38a2a52cf007fddc00210e5f14ccc0a2e6d7a60e68 08f39492be4221191b55203594ce6665 9b7a5cbdf66072769c98d70278b033de 014c423f58c41adcd6b845daaace4200 26e40fba4dd1816b1506f0ccff973cb4 180dc34b35bc0bccb3a5815a10fa4f65 504b9fc53ef582725a5bce2d65491595 833eb07d9e942b0e0ac73a412d601b60 7181e24d1c26c1411dbbdfb32a41950b 57922e233511ad1a3d9797679dcc0aa6 266670f79ab6d135dce751d6fa1a21e7 00081849397c2a1f13da1411e84b6521 a0ed18d2a3f4b1f59fcc41b1f290c265 c2679ec295ab9013b1269691b28ca0d2 c527868fb68c364aa1fa1a1f4fe92c2f e2189bbf79a4edf286e1ca70e3949716 f0a01abc688b6ee25948c391cfe34bf8 f6538cef6171c98facb63f61b866aa9c fb2661a1a5b70504cd0f0a10195cd747

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