Info: After School Japanese Tour 2014



11/21 19:00 TOKYO
11/22 14:00 TOKYO
11/22 18:00 TOKYO
11/24 15:00 OSAKA
11/24 19:00 OSAKA

credit: @CozyRaina

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13 Responses to Info: After School Japanese Tour 2014

  1. saiking79 says:

    5 tour in 3 days??? Pledis oh take care the girls dont overschedule.

    • AdamFJH says:

      In Japan After School is in Avex’s hands not Pledis.

      • saiking79 says:

        = ) After School this year top 5 kpop girl group best selling album in Japan behind GG, 2ne1, Tara & Kara。Not bad total sell 20k+ & top 30 overall。lol i almost forget Avex x u x

  2. Queenshi says:

    pledishit wtf is this AS comeback not a japan tour

  3. Fahad says:

    With or without tour in japan they obvi not having comeback this year and this tour is the only chance to see them togather

  4. Sushi says:

    Who cares…tours are where they rake in real $$$ from tickets & merchs!
    I don’t mind them doing a tour instead as long as it’s a whole group together 😀 I am surprised that they are doing a tour for their Dress to Kill album even though the sales was super bad!

    • jinkat4 says:

      😦 I still don’t understand why Dress to Kill didn’t sell well. I love that album especially Ms Independent!

      • saiking79 says:

        because AS didnt promote that album.

        • Sushie says:

          Seriously Shh and Heaven singles each sold ~16k and ~19k ish with them promoting just a bit for each but then they drop Dress to Kill album and no promo AT ALL. They would at least sell around 20k for Dress to Kill if they did some promotions… but I think it’s also because the full album was more expensive to splurge.

  5. MusicBreaks says:

    they HAVE to have a Korean comeback before then…right???

  6. Tia3 says:

    Congrats. Hopefully the short tour will give them a little boost in D2K album sell.

  7. EyoungFan says:

    Yes! Thank god!! Finally something that can make AS more known ❤ These were the exact news I needed to cheer me up. Miss Independent, Crazy Driver, Shh, Rock It, Gimme Love, Broken Heart, Spotlight, Heaven, Bang and Shampoo! Please give me these songs, I will be so happy 😀
    Either way, amazing that they will all be together as a group again. They have been so divided recently… Go After School, show them your love Japan, show them your love for everyone who wants to be there but can't. Man I hope they will live stream this concert, I will be up all night regardless of the day it airs on in that case.

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