News: Nana will be Joining China’s ‘Fashion Goddess’ as the First Korean Star


After School’s Nana has fully committed to joining China’s lifestyle program “Fashion Goddess,” also known as “Muse Dress.”

“Fashion Goddess” is a reality program that will take teams of six stars and give them a new fashion mission for each episode. Since Nana will be the first Korean idol to be a regular on this Chinese lifestyle program, her fame as a Hallyu star will bring more attention to the show.

Nana has tried her hand at MC-ing on a lifestyle program before and shows her bright, natural fashion on SBS “Roommate.” Showing off her fashionista prowess should help her get love calls from Chinese companies looking to offer her sponsorship deals.

Nana, representing Korea in this all-star cast, will be joining other famous Chinese stars such as Jia Jing Wen, Sang Wenxia, Viann, Ye Xian, Mo Xiaoqi, and others to team up for this competition show.

The first episode, which was recorded in Shanghai last week, features special guest Hangeng and Chinese model Lin Chi-ling. Future special guests will also be announced as they are confirmed. It is said that Nana received high praise from the judges during the recording of the first episode.

Fashion Goddess viewers commented, “Nana displays a sophisticated city girl look and brings a new fashion sense to China like the leader of the Hallyu wave that she is.”

credit: OSEN via Happy

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