*updated* Weibo Update: Nana for “Muse Dress”




 女神的新衣官方微博  http://weibo.com/u/5207671450





feeb3ac8f69ce6e4140f1d58ec2a4824fc61e9403739ee6931b7963c2683de70 83044fde7335e0b736b1adddaf8e10b7 13b3a7b4dc034db309bb7175b5c1e707 4bd4afcc614d006631ac56038e6aec45 2f70831792ffa432f9d3d09fd22b581f



#女神的新衣#中唯一的韩国女神@NANA_林珍娜 可谓是萌系一族,打扮俏丽的丸子头配上骑士靴,再加上卖萌的剪刀手,相信马上戳中不少粉丝的心~~~”我要告诉全世界,这些饰品被我承包了!!!”


via AS Fan


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