Flicks: Kahi at 2014 National Basketball Game – 140731


10557262_770585616336837_4773814630669484823_n 13573_770585563003509_6310912693478789984_n 10520764_770585746336824_1915071657839861063_n 1609737_770585319670200_487296787763984917_n 10402468_770585223003543_5545972242320844295_n

credit: Happy Pl3dis.ph

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4 Responses to Flicks: Kahi at 2014 National Basketball Game – 140731

  1. Kahi has bruise on her shin, a jawline that’s as sharp as ever, and her stunning physique in tact. She’s either training for a comeback, dating, or fist fighting the Pledis CEO for disbanding Hello Venus XD Btw it’s so cool Kahi likes baseball >:)

    • EyoungFan says:

      I am abroad so my discussions will be badly written with my phone but I still want a discussion post about the HV and AS thing because this could mean Joonjo and Ara will join as… AnYways I would love to speculate… graduation.? Ara and j in as for next comeback.? Nayoung to be added? kimyoungmin, what happend to her? Sorry tha my phone is so bad, it is not smart at all and the whole site is glitched, still I would love to see what people think xD Still I am really sad, was beginng to love HV so the golden trio of dambi kahi and jungah vetter be yelling at the ceo to start making the pledis groups make more money before the whole thing crashes.

  2. EyoungFan says:

    Kahi! So odd that she has short hair. Sure i bet it is a nice feeling to cut it all off but I think I prefer the dark hair 🙂

  3. Sarah says:

    Kahi is so in the game lol

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