Info: AfterSchool Beauty Bible: Green Light for Second Season!


According to a k-fan, second season will air in September

cr: Lee jung Soo + Ray

via ASDaisuki


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Sarah is very excited to be helping with ASDaze's current and upcoming Special Projects! They're going to be amazing! :)
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17 Responses to Info: AfterSchool Beauty Bible: Green Light for Second Season!

  1. AS NaLiz says:

    I’m happy that this is doing real good, excited for a Season 2

  2. Ichoskyu myrra says:


  3. EyoungFan says:

    yeees! Amazing 🙂 So happy about this ASBB is one of the best thibgs that has happend to them. Haha I found wifi at my hotel so even tough writing in english with my phone is messy that won’t stop me from getting the as news xD

  4. saiking79 says:

    Season 2!?? then when will AS comeback???

    • EyoungFan says:

      perhaps after the thing with Hv has settled, who knows e-young might be welcoming her best friend Ara to the group as we speak 😉

      • saiking79 says:

        i think ara & yoonjo will be leader in new girl group bcz Pledis now really too many girls trainees to be debut.

        • EyoungFan says:

          Or as could pull a morning musume and soon have 12 members, unlikley but possible, but if they are mainly slated to be in as then tI think a lot of graduations will happen, or maybe the oc members will graduate and just do oc. It is a long shot but noot impossible considering the effrt Pledis is making to promote oc. All we can do is guess as always…

          • saiking79 says:

            OC graduation from AS maybe in 5 years time but not in the peak hot favorite leave AS. Trust me Ara & Yoonjo will not in AS but in Pledis new plans. Seventeen we see a lot in 17 tv but Pledis Girls trainees just few video clips. Morning Musume 12 member look good but i prefer ASjust 7 to 9 for their extreme choreography.

            • EyoungFan says:

              Sorry that this reply is so late, I just got back from my nightmare + no wifi hotel. 😦 That might actually be exactly why they would be graduating, because they have become bigger than AS and to some extent might be better without them so that they could just focus on OC? Also just another theory.

              But on the other hand having YooAra doing sexy concepts… hmm…. I remember seeing somewhere that she did not like them which is funny because I can totally see Ara in AS but not really Yoonjo, but who knows they might shock me and do well in AS if they get added.

              True, Pledis have a lot of trainees right now and I would rather see Nayoung or Kimyoungmin in AS instead of Ara and Yoonjo but one thing is for sure: The last thing I want right now is for Pledis to start another groups.
              They have a lot on their plate as it is and I am worried that they will start to lose more money than they gain. Either way I hope that OC can win during their comeback, for themselves, AS and all of Pledis.

              • MYara___ says:

                i’m not sure ara and yoonjo will going to afrter school member bcos their have own charisma, and they don’t match with sexy concept… i think the most suitable with them are make a new group for them, or first make a sub-unit with kaeun and eyoung, and add 1 member maybe im nayoung, that will be a perfect match, before they will release full group with ara and yoonjo… but if jungah and uee will leave after school, and replace with ara and yoonjo, i think maybe AS will change concept from their sexy concept, and rumoured said jooeon will leave after school too and focus on her acting career, maybe she can replace with im nayoung, nayoung now already appear in live for san e and raina, i think that’s a clue im nayoung already prepared for her debut, and AS will add 1 member from their trainee

                but i more prefer AS keep their member now, and give a chance for pledis trainee to make their debut with ara and yoonjo, their so many trainee are already practicing a lot for a few years and ready for their debut.

                finally, as pledis stan, we just can estimate what pledis will do, i want pledis surely make a good plan right now…
                and at last, i wanna see eyoung and ara in same stage, if possible, make them in same group, i love them so much ❤

                • EyoungFan says:

                  I really want to see E-young and Ara on the same stage too. The most importan thing for me (no matter what happens) is that AS will get a second Korean album under Jungah’s lead. The rest… well only time will tell but if I get that second album I will be really happy. The current line-up deserves that album before any changes happen. 🙂 Pledis artists have so much talent so no matter what I think everything will turn out well.

  5. Eric says:

    Great 🙂

  6. ツಌಎಇTomomeowಇಎಌツ says:

    Can’t wait ~~ Can’t wait.. Do they have CD’s or something ??? ?_?

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