Flicks: Caps of Jooyeon on Hotel King


10407643_768868056508593_5484127205043880126_n 10409541_768605966534802_5946993944942393844_n10561560_768606143201451_5186872645999045072_n10583929_768606379868094_4217657162255933433_n10155964_768869643175101_8537280389024394535_n 10446011_768869073175158_3606102971555568559_n 10448204_768609546534444_8436633737753601944_n 10500324_768609603201105_5194675876614646271_n 10550970_768869729841759_3613962322584251402_n 10562966_768609519867780_4383472718816613277_n


credit: happypl3dis.ph, as tagged

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2 Responses to Flicks: Caps of Jooyeon on Hotel King

  1. EyoungFan says:

    Ooo Jooyeon’s Bitchface is amazing! I almost can’t trust my eyes, she is so pretty…

  2. Miho says:

    im dying from her gorgeousness…. ❤

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