After School Face Mashups

credit: allkpop

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6 Responses to After School Face Mashups

  1. saiking79 says:

    Sorry this mashup look like GG+F(x)+AS totally so Preettty.

  2. kalo says:

    I can see mostly Kahi here

  3. miho says:

    is it just me? or all i see is lizzy

  4. Allan says:

    LOL all I see is Jooyeon xD

  5. Ta-Ke-Ssi says:

    This is the member’s face overposed on each other? It is amazing how well they match up, the features are near seemless. Still, I feel that each individual member is more beautiful than the resulting combination. Beauty in individuality.

    • Ta-Ke-Ssi says:

      Still, miss after school is pretty nice looking. All she is missing is Raina’s, Uee’s, and Eyoung’s chubby cheeks.

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