Video + Flicks: After School filming Beauty Bible – 140710

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4 Responses to Video + Flicks: After School filming Beauty Bible – 140710

  1. Anesti Saraswati says:

    kaeun have tattoo ??

  2. EyoungFan says:

    Who needs all the Russian human dolls when you can have DollYoung!?! 😛 Who is also knowns as QueenYoung, A.S.RockerLady, Guitaryoung and Eyoungie? XD I should stop giving her nicknames now, but she is so cute that she has deserved them. Did you know E-young fans are called Guistars? Odd but I like it, I wonder if the other members have also have fanames like that… Not sure what to call Kaeun yet tough, the only name I got so far is Kaeunni for those who are younger than her haha 😀

  3. saiking79 says:

    lol E Young & Kaeun become more pretty DANG!!! Oi Pledis let After School comeback ASAP

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