Video + Flicks: After School at 2014 DAEGU CHIMAC FESTITAL – 140719



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19 Responses to Video + Flicks: After School at 2014 DAEGU CHIMAC FESTITAL – 140719

  1. saiking79 says:

    i’ll waiting for You(After School), i’ll waiting for You(After School), i’ll be waiting for You(After School) come into my Dream, Thank You(After School) my Cinderellas ❤

  2. EyoungFan says:

    The feelings! ❤ It has been so long! And many E-young moments too, so rare she is usually in the center a lot less in fancams. Man I will watch all of these again and I will read every single youtube comment, I have missed them so much.
    I like the clothes too, classy casual in a Dress To Kill way with black and white. Shame Queenyoung still has no solo lines in BOY but that is not important right now all that matters is that they finally were on stage again, all of them together.
    Loved Jungah’s wave in Bang and E-young’s in Flashback, for some random it reminded me of Soyoung in her fancams. I liked what they did with the flashback choreography towards the bridge.
    More events like this Pledis, I know you can do it!

    • dason says:

      all hail to QueenYoung! I missed them SOOO much, my smile was up to my ears watching them perform. I’m still really sad about e-young not having a line in BOY but they finally recorded Lizzy Rap instead of Lipsynching over Nana’s voice. They seemed SO happy to be back on stage 😀 Smiled and laugh.

      • EyoungFan says:

        *Bows down to worship the queen* I smiled so much when she waved that my jaw started to hurt. I am still waiting for ‘2015 – The year of E-young domination!’ 😀 I know it will happen one day… 😉 I am so happy for Lizzy now she has her part so now it looks much more promising for Queenyoung to get her line in the future. It really was great having them all together again, hopefully they gor a lot of love so that Pledis decided to think “maybe we should give them more events.” Anyways this will keep me happy all week because I will be watching these fancams over and over again xD

  3. Queeshi (Free palestina says:

    I dream “they are all together” that has become so rare to see them together (fault pledshit) I believe dreamed.

  4. kaeun lover says:

    miss them soo much on stage, hpoe to see more moments like this

  5. dason says:

    I literally died when E-young waved at the crowd during her part in flashback ! I miss them so much D:

  6. LoL @1:17 in Diva when Raina looks flustered like “ah whatever” XD Earlier today while I did chores, I listened to the Virgin album and thought, “the only After School album to enjoy is the one from the past right now” DX

  7. By the way, the title of this page is spelled incorrectly…FesTiTal XD

  8. Ta-Ke-Ssi says:

    Raina has always been a pretty girl, but she looks just perfect with long hair.

    • AdamFJH says:

      Has anyone noticed during the Catallena promotion Kpop fans were say Raina looked like IU and during the A Midsummer Nights Sweetness promotion Kpop fans were saying she looked like IU and Hyuna? Raina has definitely been getting more attention for her looks 🙂

      • Ta-Ke-Ssi says:

        I noticed the comments about her looking like IU (I agree, the one thing missing is for IU to have chubbier cheeks), I had not read of the Hyuna ones though (personaly, I see no resemblance).

        • AdamFJH says:

          Depending on the angle Raina, does look a bit like IU and/or Hyuna. Personally I think she look better than both IU and Hyuna.

          • Ta-Ke-Ssi says:

            I agree completelywith you. Raina may not have the “sultry” look that some other Kpop idols have, but she is one of the prettiest. (I would say the prettiest, but that would be too biased of my part. Lol)

  9. Raina felt gassed after Bang!

  10. Hehe! In Because of You, Jungah was in the wrong place at 2:16 and Lizzy was caught off guard/couldn’t hold back her smiling seeing it XD Neither could Jungah.

  11. After School: Better drivers in Flashback than in real life XD

  12. In Flashback, Eyoung had flashback to other performances and stood in the wrong place 😀

  13. eva says:

    Lizzy’s hair ❤

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