News: Orange Caramel to return with new music this August

Orange Caramel will wake you up with their bright and energetic music for another comeback set for this August!

Their agency Pledis Entertainment rep confirmed to OSEN on the 19th, “Orange Caramel have finished recording their new song and are preparing for their comeback. It is set to be released in August… Although we can’t reveal Orange Caramel’s new concept yet, they are preparing hard. Please look forward to it.”

Although fans were probably expecting news on After School’s upcoming comeback, sub-unit Orange Caramel will make their comeback beforehand to give one last burst of excitement before summer ends!

credit: allkpop

Orange Caramel Preparing to Make Surprise Comeback in August

After School’s sub-unit group Orange Caramel is set to make their return to the music stage once again!

On July 19, a music industry representative told Star News, “Orange Caramel will release a new single album and begin promotions this August.” It has been about five months since the sub-unit made a comeback with “Catallena” earlier this year in March.

The rep also revealed that the members of Orange Caramel have already wrapped up recording for the upcoming single and are currently making preparations for the new choreography as well as the music video filming.

Since the group’s debut as a sub-unit of After School, they have continued to hold their position in the industry through their unique yet absurd concepts, entertaining many music listeners. They have received consistent love from fans since 2010 with the release of addicting and catchy songs including “Magic Girl,” “Shanghai Romance,” “Bangkok City,” and “Lipstick.”

Orange Caramel is once again raising people’s curiosity for their new concept, as a sub-unit group that has always managed to exceed everyone’s expectations.

credit: soompi

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30 Responses to News: Orange Caramel to return with new music this August

  1. mitsuhoney says:

    Seriously?! ANOTHER F&*@ING ORANGE CARAMEL COMEBACK?! GOD This is starting to become as aggravating as waiting for a Brave Girls comeback. Pledis is really starting to irk me lately. Hello Venus has been MIA, NU’EST is turning into every other boy group out there and AFTERSCHOOL is doing ABSOLUTELY nothing music-wise. Great job Pledis, great job, you and Brave Sound Entertainment should collaborate. The BEST management of groups in the entertainment industry (and I mean this sarcastically).

    • Queeshi (Free palestina says:

      ceo Pledis must take management lessons and must quickly learn to manage a talent agency as Pledis.

      1) My first observation was that the lines in the songs were not well distributed beetween members. (before kahi sang the song alone and after three members of orange caramel took all the main lines with a little Jungah). (no Eyoung “She has a beautiful voice,” no Uee and Juyeon “they have much progress in singing.” kaeun is the only one that has normal lines.)

      since many graduation lines of girls who left are poorly distributed. “Diva, bang”

      2) from the left kahi after school fall, both flashback and comeback firstlove are not as amazing as “BOF, Bang, AH, Diva.”

      I’ll stop at two points because pledshit knows he made ​​a bad choice for the popularity of after school were making another comeback with orange caramel but what interested is money first.

      the age “ah, diva, Because of you, bang” was too good.

      ceo pledshit was never grateful “to see how he treats kahi while she and sondambi that you helped make his agency”

      a lot of people are more for orange caramel tan “afterschool” in this site that reflects the opinions of users who detaches from after school to orange caramel.

  2. I’m having flashbacks to March of this year *grabs hand rail* Bittersweet: At least OC is doing something but AS collects dust like a typewriter…

  3. whatever says:

    i hate this

  4. Dora says:

    I’m happy that Orange Caramel is getting more popular but I really wish After School would have a comeback soon 😦

  5. Allan says:

    Really people? really need to get mad just because Pledis decided to make another comeback of OC? I mean yeah I want AS comeback too but getting mad just for this? be happy that they are bringing us new music, maybe not as a whole group but at least as a Sub-unit, is it that difficult just be happy and support them?

    • mitsuhoney says:

      Yes it is. Because we are supposed to be AFTERSCHOOL fans first and Orange Caramel fans second. How in the hell are you investing more effort into a subgroup than from the group they are supposed to be from? That is why people dont consider them a subgroup anymore because Pledis overuses them. What is the point of having another “cute concept” girl group in their label (Hello Venus) when they already overuse Orange Caramel? Its just pointless, stick with getting the group back up on the radar. They have made so many poor choices in this company lately. A subgroup shouldn’t have the same amount or more releases than the group they are from, why bother calling it a subgroup then? I liked After School because they WERENT doing a cute concept, so why do I have to FORCE myself to like a group that does cute concepts just because three of them are from the group I like? I am not trying to be a fake fan and like EVERYTHING that AFTERSCHOOL does.

      • Dora says:

        Though some of your points are legitimate, there are many people who like Orange Caramel and don’t like After School, or who simply prefer Orange Caramel over After School. There is no rule or law that says you must like After School more than their sub-group. I could understand if both groups were carbon copies of each other but Orange Caramel is such a completely different concept that they can’t even really be compared. The only reason they are compared is because the members that make up Orange Caramel are also members of After School, and of course as you stated, Orange Caramel is After School’s sub group. But as to you stated you have to force yourself to like Orange Caramel…too there is no rule or law that states this. Like I said earlier, there are some who like After School but don’t care for Orange Caramel and vice versus. No one is forcing you to like or support Orange Caramel simply because they make up a third of the ladies of After School.

      • AdamFJH says:

        LOL, I am an After School fan first and an Orange Caramel fan seconds but I really wanted this Orange Caramel comeback. Following the success of Catallena they need to do this in order to increase and maintain their popularity. Seems like a very wise business decision to me 😀 Honestly it does concern me that Orange Caramel is more popular than After School but there are things that are far more of a concern to me about this fandom and After School than that. Pledis needs MONEY to promote After School, Orange Caramel can help provide Pledis that money and promote After School at the same time. Which god given law stated that a subgroup shouldn’t have the same amount or more releases than the group they are from? “why bother calling it a subgroup then?”….they call it a sub group because the members in Orange Caramel are a subset of After School, simple as that.

  6. Milky says:

    It’s pretty obvious that orange caramel promotions are the only ones that give pledis money, after catallena: nu’est 1st full album… They surely spent all their money in them and need more…. Pledis isn’t doing a good gob with AS u.u… let’s hope nana, raina and uee are okay, they’ve been working a lot lately 😦

  7. Sarah says:

    Well, other than being disappointed that A.S isn’t making a full comeback, I’m so SUPER EXCITED RIGHT NOW. And I think there’s a silver lining… I think Pledis finally got that hint that one comeback a year isn’t enough to have staying power, at least at A.S’s level. So, they’re investing in OC, since they have the best guarantee for success in the current market. Then hopefully they apply the same method to After School and ALL the Pledis Artists :’DD

    • Taking a step back, I can see why they are focusing their time and efforts on Orange Caramel and Nuest. Last month I remember thinking “Man the charts are getting dominated by boy bands like Infinite, Vixx, Exo, and etc. Pledis wants to compete with them using Nuest’s comeback and album. The combination of Raina’s duet success, Catallena’s success, and Beauty Bible being popular points to splitting up the team again to hit both points. Let’s not forget that 2014 is a big year for the girls starting with Nana and trickling down all the way to even our maknae duo 🙂

      • Sarah says:

        Pledis really has the potential to divide and conquer~ I hope they’re able to continue to being this sucessful :’D Beauty Bible, OC, Raina omggg <33, Nana and Uee's variety shows, Jupal and Uee's drama's…etc. ….like you said ;p

    • AdamFJH says:

      I agree with everything you’ve said 😀

      • Sarah says:

        aldjflkajdf I hope they start releasing teaserzzz soooooooon~!!! I’m so curious for what concept could possibly be nexxtttttt

  8. Everton Roberto says:

    Guys, seriously, we need do something for the After School (maybe trend something on Twitter). I just think that soon will be just Orange Caramel and After School will be like Son Dambi breaking records of time without any comeback. After School is the main group not Orange Caramel, goddamnit!

    PS: Sorry about my english.

  9. saiking79 says:

    Other than furious over OC comeback in August。Why nobody think about Jung Ah & Uee early this year had said that After School prepared their 2nd album and choreography for the comeback??? Plus now KBS fully backing After School Beauty Bibles, CFs, variety shows, China+Japan and HV member also got some drama+CFs involve so maybe Pledis delay both girl’s group comeback。They work HARD to gain much more popularity for the group why no PlayGirl/Hello Cupid understand these girl’s situation right now??? Curiously After School & Hello Venus comeback must be mystery。

  10. echyha says:

    sorry for out of topic,,,but can anybody give me a link where i can find a fansite to get a update news from HV,,,, something look ASDaze…ty

  11. dason says:

    I just need to see the girls back on stage, comeback or not, at least participate in those concerts or make fanmeetings D:

    • EyoungFan says:

      Agreed, they have plenty of songs to pick from so I really wish they would have more fanmeetings and such.

  12. Will Martinez says:

    Its not just where’s After School. Where’s Son dam bi, Hello Venus, and seventeen (if they ever debut). Pledis clearly playing favorites here. Yes I understand promoting a 3 girl group that will sell is EASY but I’m tired of their empty promises. We were promised After School by August and Hello Venus by June all Lies. No wonder UEE is in favor of graduating.

  13. EyoungFan says:

    Warning, this is my long rant of how I feel about all this, in fact this became so long that it almost became an opinion piece, but I feel like I need to get this of my chest before I can continue commenting on ASdaze:

    The summer season is at its finest and therefore my activeness on ASdaze has been a bit
    so-so. I do however try to keep up with the news so when I heard Orange Caramel are returning instead of After School my first feelings was sadness and frustration. Yes I had heard a few k-pop songs here and there but for me After School was where it started, in fact it all started. E-young was the first member that caught my eye and it was not long before she became my top artist amongst everyone else in the world. Then there was something about Jungah that I seemed to like more and more and quickly following came Jooyeon and her special humor that really appealed to me. Kaeun cooking with E-young was a bliss and their friendship is just perfect. Uee took her time to like but with the rap in Time’s Up and her voice in the live performance of Lady I instantly liked her a lot more and I will do my best to watch at least one of her dramas before the summer ends. After School was the first group I started to care about beyond music, I would watch interviews, follow the members on twitter and then eventually finding ASdaze which was perfect for all the news I needed.

    I have yet to actually be really unhappy with a song After School puts out. Yes Lucky Girl
    and Lady Luck were not fitting for After School at all in my opinion. If fact it seems like the word “luck” has the opposite effect when it is in the title of an After School song. Other than that there are only a few solo songs and perhaps a ballad or two that I don’t really listen to. I have around 60-80 songs by them in my playlist, everything from remixes to the B-sides that I love so much. Because of After School I started to invest in other artists. Last month it was NU’EST and I absolutely loved them. Even though I never experienced a graduation I started to get into their graduation system role model Morning Musume because of After School. I learned a lot about graduation systems and honestly, I now can’t really see why some fans are still so upset about the members leaving. Sure it was heartbreaking to see my favorite Morning Musume member graduate but just like it is in After School I know that she will
    have a good career. Because of After School Kahi became the second soloist that I would listen to. The first being Son Dam Bi that I love because ehow well she seems to get along with After School. Because of E-young and YooAra and their friendship I got into Hello Venus and I started to love them too. After School made me like the other Pledisartists and the current line-up made me like the graduates to the point where I would stalk Bekah’s twitter, watch Soyoung’s dramas and love Kahi a lot. Sure I miss the other members, but it does not bother me so much knowing that they all seem very happy with their lives right now.

    On a different note Orange Caramel was harder for me to like. Cute songs were never
    my thing but something about their special concepts made me really like them and their songs. Just like with After School I have never been disappointed with Orange Caramel’s title songs. But I still had a bit of a harder time really investing in them, sure I love the title songs but it is very seldom that I actually listen to any B-sides from them and even more rare that I actually look up solo interviews of just the Orange Caramel members. Nana, Lizzy and Raina are all members that I like because of what they contribute to After School and not Orange Caramel, their efforts in After School made me like them and not Orange Caramel. Raina with the voice that makes Because Of You fantastic and with her lovely imitations of that lady that I cannot recall the name of. Lizzy with her English doing the best to cover Bekah’s raps and her potential to be the next main vocalist of the group. Nana with her unique special voice and her lovely solo songs Eyeline and One Love made me also get into Orange Caramel.

    A year goes by quickly and over half of 2014 has already passed. For Pledis as a company I am a bit worried and I am also very worried about their artists being out of the music scene so long. In reality I am conflicted, Catallena was the song of Orange Caramel that I loved the most and a follow-up would be great. On the other hand it saddens me to keep seeing After School gone so long and my hope of their first Korean concert, another win in music shows and their second full Korean album is being put on hold. I did see the Allkpop article and almost every comment preferred After School instead. My question is: where were you
    before? These comments are what Pledis need to make Aftre School more popular, where are all those fans that could be raising the views of Beauty Bible and the popularity of After School’s songs. Sure it is great that they are noticing After School now, but where have most of them been hiding during the rest of the year?

    Still I will support Orange Caramel’s comeback, still having my silly optimistic hope that they can win and that people will notice orang caramel and the other Pledisartists. But I will miss E-young, Jungah, Uee, Kaeun and Jooyeon and the feeling of completion all the members give me when they are together. In the end I am still sad but I will get over it.

    And if you even bothered to read all of this I will leave you with my two current favorite pieces that represents my feelings right now, one from After School and one from Orange Caramel:

    • saiking79 says:

      Be patient my fellow PlayGirl。Thank You for sharing your own history/ adventure through out After School and Pledisartist。Before After School debut i fully a Sone。Other company artist i will go listen and likes their music videos but not a loyalty fandom to any other artist。During 09 Jan i saw After School “Ah” debut in Kpop scene my 1st reaction was “OMG, these girl’s really want to debut in Kpop” as Sone i jealous feeling toward After School。During that year i had mix feeling but i FAIL when After School comeback with “Because of You”。i already fall in love with After School till now。So i consider myself a SonePlayGirl。By then i already know Kahi and Raina was Ex SM back up dancer and academy student。I totally hate SM when Girl’s Generation & F(x) one year one comeback or longer & more activity on Boy group activity。But as Sone we must be patient & stay calm because we know SM rotate their “Marketing Strategy” beside a comeback SM receive many offer for their artist to go “Promote” themselves and more “Social Interactive”。Same to Pledis situation now。If Pledis give After School 1 year 4-6 comeback i think the “Public” will Suffocate till Bored with After School music。Only know comeback nothing to do beside comeback?? This situation i don’t want it to happen on After School no more charisma and faded。We love After School so do After School love PlayGirls。= ) After School will be BACK!!!!!

      • EyoungFan says:

        Bored with After School? – Impossible! 😉 Hahah, maybe it actually is possible but so far they have not had enough comebacks to make me bored of them. But who knows, this might actually mean that Pledis is considering multiple comebacks a year for all their artists. I just have no clue how they will fit both Hello Venus and After School in, not to even mention a Seventeen debut. I will just have to hope Beauty Bible will continue to serve its purpouse, which has been promoton the less promoted girls of A.S. Now I just hope OC can actually slay because it is not good for either Pledis or After School to have such little sucess. I hope Nana, Lizzy and Raina are ready to bring it because if they do I bet that 1st place will be theirs. 🙂

  14. ctinh says:

    if all of these comments could be sent to pledis i’m the one will be happy…i wish that pledis know not all AS fan are oc fan…and i hope they will consider more about fans feeling rather than make money….now i know why bekah’s fan leave AS fanclub..bcoz they feeling frustrated with the way pledis treat their idol…and i think i will no longer AS fan if there’s no juyeon and jungah anymore…this is too unfair for hv fans bcause hv also a cute group,why not having comeback stage for hv to blast the summer…all kpop agency are same…only money on their eyes..they never consider the fans feeling…i hate oc…

    • AdamFJH says:

      Pledis has actually treated After School pretty well(graduated and non graduated members) especially if you compare Pledis to a company like SM entertainment who actually does have a proven reputation for treating their artists crap. If I get the time I’ll write one of my big essay about how well Pledis has treated After School and fans, although you’ll find bits and piece of what I’m going to write in the ASDaze forum right now as well as comments I’ve posted on Kahi’s It’s ME! MV teaser on pledisartist channel on Youtube. Obviously Bekah fans left the fanclub because they love Bekah and didn’t love After School, if they did cared about After School they would continue to support After School regardless of how Pledis treats Bekah or the rest of After School. Please take the time to assess the rationality of abandoning After School just because your bias is no longer in After School. Were you really a fan of After School or were you just a fan of your bias. Is Juyeon and Jung Ah your biases? Are you really just a Juyeon and Jung Ah fan or really an After School fan, if you really did care about After School you’ll continue to support them after Jung Ah and Juyeon leaves…maybe you were a fan the original 2009 After School, I am 😀 and if that’s the case I understand your feelings but I fell in love with the Orange Caramel members so I’m here to support them as well. If you care about After School and want After School concerts and better After School promotions then support Pledis in their attempts to grow. Pledis needs money to grow and better promote After School, right now Orange Caramel can provide Pledis with that opportunity to grow. Do you hate the Orange Caramel concepts or the Orange Caramel members?

    • saiking79 says:

      about HV Pledis not fully incharge. Pledis need to asure partner company Fantagio together plan for HV nextcomeback. About After School even bias had graduated but non former PlayGirl blame current PlayGirl. even x leader Kahi fully admire OC. Bekah just back to Korea have few reunion with PlayGirl & Girl’s Generation member. Like wise Bekah now happy her current life. Pledis not a Mega rich company they need to plan well for their artist comeback & receive offer for CFs, tv shows, dramas & etc. Soo Young also enjoy her current actress life. As i see now After School work as a TEAM.

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