Flicks: U-ie at SBS Law of the Jungle Indian Ocean press conference – 140707





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12 Responses to Flicks: U-ie at SBS Law of the Jungle Indian Ocean press conference – 140707

  1. ikram says:

    She is sooooo pretty

  2. EyoungFan says:

    Beautiful Uee, I feel bad for her leg tough

  3. Both Lizzy and Uee bruised like the banana Uee is holding 😦 On the bright side it’s either from them working hard training for comeback, WWE wrestling in the dorms, or dating XD

  4. sushi says:

    Bruises on legs and arms ._. What is AS up to lol

  5. Queeshi says:

    she looks sick and what is the injury legs.
    I hope Pledis is not yet a comeback with a difficult dance that makes the members will not be able to promote all they will all be breaking a limb.
    Pledis you focus less on the dance but more
    a catchy music for a lot of people listen to the whole summer.

  6. saiking79 says:

    AS comeback? whole member didnt hints any news to public this time around. we should stay calm ♥

  7. Queeshi says:

    I hate her stylist ( wtf is this sweater and why she wearing à short she has a scars) and makeup artist you don’t know how to make up a rond face.

    • ikram says:

      She look very beautiful here especialy her make up

      • Queeshi says:

        uee is always beautiful but look her ​​clothes (the sweater is tightened at the abdomene, that is compressed and doesn’t highlight her silhouette) the choice of color is bold and original and it’s perfect. shorts was banned because of her scars, it’s not very nice to look and people will focus on the scars. (but she stay queen of the honey thighs).
        I think (she is very beautiful without makeup and I prefer when she is without makeup). but it is still minimalist without blush, contouring (that is great for round face can Scult his face).
        shoes wtf. no comment
        I do not blame absolutely uee but her stylist.
        (I’m sorry I quite trendy fashion so that is why I can criticize)

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