Fansite Update: Nana’s message – 140707

Back after finishing the last photoshoot for BLENDA. TT
It’s too bad..
I grew very fond of everyone .
Really thankful to the fans who have always viewed the BLENDA magazines
Will show good activities to you all in the future
Don’t be disappointed..TT.TT
While participation in Blenda photoshoots I learnt alot about jaoanese styled clothes
Met good staff and friends so i was very happy ^^
It has become an unforgettable and good memory for me

My flu has got better consistently ate vitamins and tonic
I shall say this again
Be careful not to catch the flu, it will be difficult..
Be careful of the air from the aircon!!!!
Saying goodbye with a photo of Gomu.
Will come again

credit: as-fan

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One Response to Fansite Update: Nana’s message – 140707

  1. Komu is dressed like a pimp. Dare I say better fashion than people hehehe 😮

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