Instagram Update: Juyeon – 140705






반지 팔찌 자랑

Ring, bracelet, boasting

with Son Dambi




반지 선물받고 셀카찍구 확인중


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4 Responses to Instagram Update: Juyeon – 140705

  1. saiking79 says:

    lol Juyeon still using same color nail (green/black) from era “First Love”???? Mysterious sign Hmmmmm。。。。。。。。

  2. Sushi says:

    Jupal and Dambi looked like twins hanging out lately lol they even dress the same style

    • EyoungFan says:

      Really happy about this, they are the Pledis twins in my head now. It is really nice to see that they seem to be good friends.

  3. JuBi hanging out! Pledis girls making time for each other; love it 🙂

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