Flicks: After School shooting Beauty Bible – 140703

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5 Responses to Flicks: After School shooting Beauty Bible – 140703

  1. saiking79 says:

    E Young become more pretty i dont know why but getting stronger her outlook in After School Beauty Bibles。<3

    • EyoungFan says:

      I love her in “the Bible” she looks better every day and she is actually really funny. Especially her + Kaeun, Jungah scholding E-young and Jooyeon as she tries to win her over to the “ju-line” 😀 Best show ever! ❤

      • saiking79 says:

        Agree。Actually this KBS show can make E Young & Kaeun to get more self confidence in front the public & gain more fandom that will help AS increase popularity。If Pledis let AS have solo concert tour then i can bet Kpop giant awake from the sleep。AS & GG nothing different only GG that SM popularity+concert experience is better than AS。You know AS still 0 in Korea for a solo concert+ 2 Japan concert+ 0 world tour。<< very weak my friend。This thing i still hate Pledis untill now。Sorry!!

        • EyoungFan says:

          I think this is what I am seeing too, E-young is much more confident nowdays and Kaeun is doing great, she is more popular than E-young, starred in that other MV and with Nana and Uee being more popular then ever I really would be shocked if they don’t win this time. Pledis just need up their game a bit. Then I think A.S. would do a lot better.

      • saiking79 says:

        I also want AS to win music awards they deserve in Kpop as you guys too。

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