Flicks: Preview After School Beauty Bible episode 26

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9 Responses to Flicks: Preview After School Beauty Bible episode 26

  1. Sevensketch says:

    I miss seeing the orenji on the show :/

  2. ueeshi says:

    awwwww bikini babe but why all members don’t do the show (always tree or four members per episode)

    • saiking79 says:

      Team rotation。You know that this year After School & sub Orange Caramel very busy on their schedule in Korea & oversea 。Keep Calm & Enjoy!! PlayGirlz/Boyz

      • ueeshi says:

        i’m always enjoy but i’m a little bit sad because i don’t have all members since the show start

        • saiking79 says:

          i see. but this show give chances to PG/PB to have more on EYoung & Kaeun. Gain more attention.

          • ueeshi says:

            yes it’s true

            like I said on another post Pledis should create no other rock band that can Eyoung played with instruments and sing kaeun because both are a beautiful voice

  3. ikram says:

    Happy to see uee in the show

  4. ueeshi says:

    this episode was very funny.
    Jooyeon and Uee teased jungha hahahha.
    These girls need boyfriends hahahah every episode they talk about guys with hysteria.
    Eyoung wants to go clubbing hahaha they tell her all the time “No Eyoung.”
    all my bias reunited in this episode was too good.

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