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Flicks: Kahi at 2014 National Basketball Game – 140731

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Instagram Update: Bekah with Jooyeon and Dambi – 140731

담쮸 언니들~ 담쮸에배요 사랑해요<3 credit: Bekah IG

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Twitter Update: E-Young with Bekah – 140731

멋진베카언니와함께♡ 멋진베카언니와함께2♡ Credit: @Eyoung0816

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Video: [CUT] Roommate cast takes a visit to YG

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Info: AfterSchool Beauty Bible: Green Light for Second Season!

According to a k-fan, second season will air in September cr: Lee jung Soo + Ray via ASDaisuki

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Twitter Update: Lizzy – 140731

  Lizzy Park 리지 ✔ @p_Lizzy 생일축하해주셔서 감사합니다! 모두모두감동이에요ㅠ_ㅠ 더 발전하는 리지될게요! 엄마아빠사랑해요♡♡♡  

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Celebrate Lizzy’s Birthday With This Video by 한빛! (It’s Awesome)

via AS-Fan Do yourself a favor and watch this~!!!  Also, we at ASDaze would love to give our birthday wishes to Lizzy! Unfortunately, we have had to scale back a bit here at ASDaze due to our busy schedules in … Continue reading

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