News: After School’s Raina Does Not Want San E as Her Boyfriend

After School’s Raina confessed that, although San E is a good musical partner, she does not want him as her boyfriend. 

Raina attended June 30’s broadcast of SBS Power FM’s Cultwo Show and brought up how San E is around girls. 

When DJ Jung Chan Woo asked Raina, “How is San E is a guy?” Raina answered, “Not very good. Our relationship strictly revolves around music.”

When DJ Kim Tae Gyun commented, “San E must be a bad guy then,” Raina explained, “He’s a not a bad guy, but he is nice to everyone.”

She then said, “He says things like ‘Hyo Sung, you’re so pretty,’ or ‘Uee, you’re the best.’ I don’t think I could stand that if he was my boyfriend.”

credit: mwave

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5 Responses to News: After School’s Raina Does Not Want San E as Her Boyfriend

  1. saiking79 says:

    Poor San E.

    • Dora says:

      LOL…well, I guess I’m not the only one who thought they looked cute together ^_^ But Raina probably has to say something like this so that she won’t get any dating scandals with San E.

      • Sevensketch says:

        haha lol, you are not the only one. i think the reason why Raina said something like that is because “a bussiness” reason or she is a jealous type hehe but it’ll really cute if they are really dating 😉

    • Sushi says:

      Kinda funny but what Raina said is true I guess. For example he posted that picture recently with Nana and his IG is full of other girls. I guess Raina doesn’t like flirty guys and I also think they looked cute together too.

  2. marinesquad49 says:

    San E is caught in the middle between being a nice guy and a playboy; a nice playboy xD

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