PLEDIS new website layout

10454342_752150388180360_3276156979664039288_n (1)




credit: Happy


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3 Responses to PLEDIS new website layout

  1. Blast says:

    Where is Hello Venus… ?

    • Sushi says:

      Everyone knows Hello Venus is a Pledis joint venture project with Fantagio. They are under Tricell Media (you can see the Tricell logo where it say Family Sites on Pledis mainpage). Pledis/Fantagio can’t legally claim HV as theirs which is why you won’t see HV on Fantagio website nor Pledis website.

      • Blast says:

        Oh right, I’ve forget that ! Thanks ^^
        But in the cover of the second mini album I can’t found the Fantagio’s logo.
        I find that a bit sad for them, it’s like they didn’t really exist anywhere. I would have preferred see them in the Pledis list with à credits/logo/link to Fantagio 🙂

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