Flicks: Jungah, U-ie and E-young for for AfterSchool Phone Case Limited Edition Korea


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14 Responses to Flicks: Jungah, U-ie and E-young for for AfterSchool Phone Case Limited Edition Korea

  1. ueeshi says:

    pretty girls

  2. ueeshi says:

    i hope see in the next comeback uee and eyoung with blond long hair , nana and juyeong with red hair, raina, jungah with black hair and lizzy and kaeun with brown hair that will be so beauty

    • EyoungFan says:

      Uee as a blonde? Nice! A bit odd but I like the idea. I would want Jooyeon to have fire-red hair, Jungah to have long hair of any color, Nana as a blond, Kaeun having the color Nana did in the Heaven video, Lizzy with Pink highlights and E-young with purple or red hair. Your ideas would be cool to see too, I am so locking forward to their return.

      • ueeshi says:

        YES I’M SO EXCITED your ideas are fantastic to, i hope they have a catchy song with great dance like always and all members promoting song together with no injured fighting after school

        • EyoungFan says:

          I hope they will have a full album with follow-up promotions and get an all-kill! I would love to see all the members on stage again with no injuries and them just being the happy amasing group I love. I just want them to return now, I don’t want to wait anymore! 🙂

  3. AdamFJH says:


  4. marinesquad49 says:

    These are a great item and I hope they sell a lot to give AS exposure for when they decide to comeback

  5. marinesquad49 says:

    Imagine the case on your phone and you “First Love” calls you <3_<3

  6. EyoungFan says:

    Little E-young, I don’t even have smartphone and I even went to the site to look at the cover. After School can sell me anything and I would almost buy it, so I am glad I don’t live in South Korea because then I would be broke. Is it just me or is she getting even more an more prettier? Go Queenyoung! 😀

    • ueeshi says:

      yes she pretty pledis please create a sub with kaeun eyoung (new caramel)
      (old caramel) with uee jungha juyeon.
      i think rock group that will be awesome because eyoung and kaeun sing well and it will be an opportunity to Eyoung to play instruments and show her incredible talent.

      please pledis

      • EyoungFan says:

        Yes we need this! Please Pledis! And let her upload more videos on youtube when she plays instruments and her version of First love and have all the members sing along to it. That would be so amazing and more sub-units are needed.

        • ueeshi says:

          please Pledis forgotten “graduation” and try to better promote the girls who are already there (many anti-fan say that afterschool do not have a lot of talent but I just think it is because Pledis not well promotes their talent ).

          we need more sub-unit and many more comeback not just one per year.

          • EyoungFan says:

            more comebacks is the key and follow-up promotions would be nice to see too. They really need to win this year!

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