Video: Raina and San E perform ‘A Midsummer night’s sweetness’ on Inkigayo – 140622

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3 Responses to Video: Raina and San E perform ‘A Midsummer night’s sweetness’ on Inkigayo – 140622

  1. EyoungFan says:

    Go Raina!
    I actually tried voting for the first time today on MCountdown I hope more people will in the future, it was so easy since you could use facebook or twitter, I really hope more Platgirlz & Playboyz will do the same. Go Raina! Other people might be cheering on the football but I cheer for Raina!

    • AdamFJH says:

      VOTE VOTE VOTE Go EyoungFan….FIGHTING, Playgirlz/Playboyz FIGHTING, RAINA FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      @eyoungfan:disqus dammit I forgot to vote today because I’ve been really busy and thought that voting for M COUNTDOWN ended yesterday 9:00 am KST but I just read your comment and remembered that it actually ended today 9:00 am KST….although I think I make up for it with all my spamming for SNS points hehe

      Also, I LOVE these “A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness” performances, they’re so entertaining.

      • EyoungFan says:

        Yeah the Korean times will be a bit bothersome to remember, they are
        several hours ahead of me but I did put it in as a reminder to vote next
        weekend. Hopefully I will have learned even more voting systems by then.

        SNS things are not really something I am good at, but I do have my moments when I try to give them points. I do however spend a lot of time on youtube, commenting of After School videos, showing the songs to my friends and answering a bunch of comments on youtube about who is who, what happened to Kahi, what other songs are good and so on. I have found a tiny group that does the YouTube thing so hopefully that will help more people discover After School. I also joined a facebook group about After School where I try to encourage voting.

        Hopefully more people will join the more “active fan base” of After School. Other people might be yelling “Go Reds!!” But I yell “GOOOO AFTER SCHOOL!!” 😀

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