A Midsummer Night Tweet (R.A.I.N.A) Event

A Midsummer Night Tweet Poster

This is part 2 (p1 has been delayed) of our 5Days, 5Events (R.A.I.N.A) Support Project!  Use the Twitter buttons below to quickly support Raina. Take a screenshot of the tweets from our twitter buttons (on your twitter profile) and send it to us to earn a BADGE. (Click Badge for full details)

*These buttons just say random supportive messages to Raina. If you’d like to say something else, that’s totally fine! To earn the badge, just send us a screenshot of 5 tweets from today with the correct hashtags^^ #noworries

Earn 5/6 of our Midsummer Night Sweetnes Support Badges for a chance at an EXCLUSIVE Raina-fied T-Shirt!




Special Button:[pwt id=’3′]

*Click–>Wallpaper.png–> Right click on image and save!  


About Captain Sprunchz

Sarah is very excited to be helping with ASDaze's current and upcoming Special Projects! They're going to be amazing! :)
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7 Responses to A Midsummer Night Tweet (R.A.I.N.A) Event

  1. StarAegyo says:

    email it to me TY 🙂

  2. ツಌಎಇTomomeowಇಎಌツ says:

    I WANT IT ~~ E-mail to me too ~~ Thank You ><

  3. jovitu says:

    email it to me, thank you ❤

    • Sarah says:

      Hey jovitu ❤ the email from ur disqus account didn't 😦 Would you mind sending us a new email (admin@asdaze.com)? OR the twitter button should be working now too <33 Thank you so much!

  4. StarAegyo says:

    Love the wallpaper ❤

  5. ueeshi says:

    pledis really irritates me.
    all that it does lately is to rot the popularity ofafterschool.
    I am fan of afterschool since 2009 “ah” until now.
    It is with great unhappiness that I saw theirpopularities strongly decreasing. 2009 up to 2010were the year or the girls were most popular andeven more popular than group like 4minute, FX,tared and they were to appreciate for their danceoriginal and of the musics varied.
    Pledis took a lot of bad decisions at first it was the “graduation” of soyoung and bekah (they have just turned the so-called truth Pledis agency).
    pledis has took many bad decisions initially itwas the “graduation” of soyoung and bekah.
    Then they added other members as kahi known as it there is not the spirit “all together until theend” of the other groups most popular per hourcurrent like SNSD, FX, 2en1, even if one likes agroup it there is always our skew and if it fromgoes away bein one also often supports thegroup only front.
    uee was little or almost not present with thegroup and was to all alone do an insane jobwith it of 2009 to 2012 whereas they couldshare work between the girls so that everyone is seen in the group.
    the group make a comback per annum it is verylittle taking into account their popularity of thegroup more feels gains more trophy than they.The fans find that it there is much waitingbetween the combacks.
    and lately first coils was shit I like afterschool but in this MV one could look at that forthe pole dance and by what the girls are verypretty but the music was bad and in much ofwounded members and curiously it is themembers of orange caramel and in the live oneshe did not even sing except for groovedbecause one cannot do without her for the song.
    pledis but of the effort for the promotion oforange caramel whereas it is sub-group ofafterschool or even NUEST or helloVENUS.
    Then they add other members as kahi he said there’s no mind “all together until the end” the other more popular as SNSD, FX, 2in1, even if you like it there’s a group always we prefer more than others and if it goes on bein no longer supports the group as often as before.

    uee was little or almost not present with the group and had to make a crazy work by itself from 2009 to 2012 so they could share the work between girls for everyone to be seen in the group.

    the group make a Comback a year is very low given the popularity of the group feels more wins over that trophy. The fans think that there’s a lot of waiting between combacks.

    and lastly first love was shit after school but I love this MV you could look for the pole dance and that girls are very pretty but the music was bad and many more injured members and strangely c ‘ is member of orange caramel and live she did not even sing apart raina because we can not do without it for singing.

    Pledis but the effort to promote orange caramel while it’s sub-group or afterschool or even NUEST helloVENUS.

    a lot of people say raina, nana and lizzy are orange caramel instead of afterschool (even allkpop said in his article on raina).

    I’m not a haters but a sincere fan who loves and want afterschool receives the popularity they deserve. Since 2009 they make good music and they are hardly rewarding.

    It there’s a problem between the fandoms and agency Pledis with his communications problem.

    I forgot it there’s also the problem of NANA is Clashe by users because it is everywhere on tv now.

    with all its variety while again Pledis could share with other varieties show girls or jungha Eyoung.

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