The reason why After School fans are mad

1. After School members had to leave early at Idol Futsal Competition. The company didn’t inform the fans about it. The members asked the company to inform the fans but the company didn’t and was disrespectful towards the fans who were waiting.

2. Fans demanded a proper apology but the company ignored it. Fansites decided to unite. The union started a boycott towards Pledis.

3. The bad acts of Pledis:

3.1) A same incident happened at Idol Star Olympics before. The fans weren’t informed that the members weren’t there because there were no communications between the fan managers and the company. 

Whenever there’s a fan-related schedule, the company contacted the fansite admins and demanded supports and certain amount of money.

They told the fansite admins, “our company is able to do that but we think it’s more meaningful if you guys do it. Members will like it. We know a certain company so just send us your money.”

3.2) They had a lot of physical fights with the staffs and did a lot of fighting and swearing in front of the fans. 

They were overprotective towards the members and cut their interactions. They talked behind the members and even behind the fans.

3.3) There were many times where the supports weren’t delivered to the members and fans saw the company workers using the supports.

3.4) They were confusing the schedules of fan signs and were late, shortened the time and even cancelled the events.

4. Clarifications of After School Members

– The reason why After School members didn’t come out at Idol Futsal Competition:

The company arranged another schedule at the time so the members couldn’t be at the spot.

– Raina’s emergency incident:

After all the schedule, Raina went to the emergency by herself because she was sick

– Raina’s tweets tell that the members were aware of their company’s problems



[Trans by kpopkfans] 

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