News: Orange Caramel’s song “Abing Abing” is a hit for Baskin-Robbins

With their constant unique concepts receiving love by many, Orange Caramel recently released a surprise digital single “Abing Abing”. As soon as it was released, it ranked high on real time charts and made a name for itself as a new summer song.

‘Abing’ is the shortened word for ice cream bingsoo, which is a cold Korean shaved ice dessert. The new album boasts a unique concept and is already showing sighs of becoming a trend. The music video, is beginning to go viral due to Orange Caramel’s quirky charms.

The song also interestingly refers to the brand Baskin-Robbins 31 in its lyrics such as “run to Ba-BaRo (short for Baskin Robbins)” and “Thir-thir-thir thirty one Abing bing”. Pledis Entertainment’s director Woo Youngseung explains, “This song is a collaboration with Baskin Robbins. It is also written by the same hit-song writer, Seo Yongbae, who wrote Orange Caramel’s ‘Lipstick’ and ‘Catellena’.” He also says they have no problems with the product’s name in the song because they have no thoughts in promoting this song on broadcast outlets.

The question here is whether the new song should be seen as a CM song (Commercial song) or another single. Director Woo Youngseung explains that Baskin Robbins offered the roles of CF models for their product and instead of a short CM song, he thought it would be better to make it a complete song for fans to enjoy; So in another light it is also a single.

Orange Caramel is not the first to encounter this situation. Akdong Musician also released a song for Paris Baguette called “Bean Dduk Bingsoo” which grabbed number one on several charts. The song became so popular that the company sales raised by 50%. Many are wondering if Orange Caramel will jump over this amazing feat.

The cute trio will be continuing to promote its song “Abing Abing” in nationwide theaters and online through its music video.

via: Koreaboo

source: Chosun


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