Twitter Update: Lizzy – 140520

레이나 나니 리지

상반신 노출

Raina Nani (Nana) Lizzy
Topless Shots
Wow!! kekekekekeke

Notes: It’s actually soccer players, Reina (Raina), Nani (Hangul looks like Nana) and Sturridge (SturLizzy, remember ridge is pronounced as Lizzy in Korean). I’m actually not sure if the second and third pictures are really Nani and Sturridge though because I don’t remember Nani being so dark and the 3rd photo is too small. Nevertheless, I thought I should explain the joke Lizzy makes here for non soccer fans. In case people don’t understand why Lizzy posted 3 topless guys. Lolx. =/

Credit: @p_Lizzy
Translations by AfterSchoolDaze


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Sarah is very excited to be helping with ASDaze's current and upcoming Special Projects! They're going to be amazing! :)
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