Hong Soo Hyun tears up after listening to Nana on idol life

Nana and Hong Soo Hyun shared a quiet moment on the latest episode of ‘Roommate’.

After learning the choreography to the Orange Caramel hit ‘Catallena’, the two of them shared a van back to their home, where they discussed life as an idol. ”Since we’re an idol, we have to always smile,” Nana told her. “But when life is hard, it gets difficult sometimes to smile on stag

This made Hong Soo Hyun tear up a little, although she laughed it off with “I was thinking of something else”.

However, later during an interview, she revealed something different. “There had been a time, in my 20s, where my life as an actress was difficult,” she said. “I think I teared up because Nana is also having a hard life as an idol, and I thought about a dongsaeng having a hard time.”

The two of them became closer after spending a day together. Who knows what the rest of their lives as ‘Roommates’ could hold? What kinds of relationships are you looking forward to on the show?

Credit: Allkpop


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