Lizzy tweeted quite a few but I’ll just post these 3 which are more interesting.

Tweet 1.
남자가 싫어하는 여자 투표한거라는데
1등이 눈작은여자?
헐 나 완전 좁쌀콩눈인데 망했다 야호

There was a vote for the type of girl that guys dislike most
In 1st place is girls with small eyes?
Great I have totally tiny eyes so I’m screwed yahooo


1. Small eyed girls
2. Short girls
3. Tall girls
4. Unclean skin girls
5. Ugly girls
6. Something to do with the voice
7. Something about Make-up
8. I can’t see this clearly at all

Lizzy uploaded such a small picture that I can’t see the last 3 clearly o.O

Tweet 2.
여러분을 위해
시를 썼나봄

Just for all of you
I have
Written a poem on Spring


Spring -Park Lizzy-

Lizzy fans are (just like)spring
I like them
They like me
We extremely like each other
I’m such a happy girl
I’m writing somethin like this
I must be bored

Tweet 3.

시인 박리지
또 시를 썼지
내가 바로 인생의 진리지

Poet Park Lizzy
Wrote a poem again

I’m the truth of life



If it’s about loyalty, it’s indeed Lizzy
I go to the top of a building
I don’t need sebum, earwax, and dust
What am I doing now?
I’m bored
I’m not a beggar
I’m the truth of life
I’m the only truth of life

Have a nice dinner~!!

Credit: @p_Lizzy
Translations by AfterSchoolDaze & taken from @playgirlzworld


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Sarah is very excited to be helping with ASDaze's current and upcoming Special Projects! They're going to be amazing! :)
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