After School‘s Raina revealed she once accidentally bumped into Kim Jong Kook‘s car.

On the May 5th broadcast of KBS 2TV’s ‘Crisis Escape No. 1′, Raina shared how she accidentally hit Kim Jong Kook’s car when she was still getting used to driving, “[Kim Jong Kook’s] manager came to me and said, ‘[Our] car was hit.’” Kim Jong Kook joked about the car accident, “Our car shook like this,” demonstrating how wobbly the car was when it was hit.

Raina shared how nice Kim Jong Kook was about it, “I really had no idea. I said, ‘I’m sorry. What are we supposed to do?… I’m so sorry.’ But he was generous and Jong Kook oppa said, ‘It’s okay. She is a colleague of mine.’” Kim Jong Kook revealed why he was so forgiving at the time, “If I were to tell you what happened, it was only one week since we repaired our back bumper [at the time of the accident]. Coincidentally, it was exactly that spot… If it was someone else, I don’t know, but since she’s my hoobae…”

When Kim Jong Kook asked Lizzy if she can drive, Lizzy also shared she got into an incident with her fellow member Nana, “I drive. While I was parking, I scratched the car next to me while being hasty, and it was Nana’s car.”

credit: allkpop

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