Announcement: ASDaze Has Moved!

Looking for us? 🙂 Find us at our new home:

As part of our opening ceremony on 28 February, drop by our celebratory post and say hi!

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15 Responses to Announcement: ASDaze Has Moved!

  1. stephie says:

    Everytime I go to the new site on my mobile, it automatically download some unknown app!!! I’m never visiting it ever again. Disappointed 😦

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  3. Nanalove says:

    It’s error in the old web but emails keep comming I need to intend click to the new web but not just the URL of the new web it’s inconvenient

    • Jayden says:

      Hi there, I’m afraid I don’t understand the issue you’re describing. Our new site is at 🙂 Would it help if you entered that directly into the URL bar?

  4. heyahala says:

    the other site is not updated……plus too many pop ups. can we just go back to the old site?

    • Jayden says:

      Hi, the new site is at and we’ve been updating steadily since the move. There are ads but absolutely no pop ups. Are you sure you’ve got the right site?

    • dason says:

      Hi, I’m in charge of the Web design of AS Daze and we do appreciate your concern about this issue. We have recently switch our website to a new domain, but it’s not the cause to the “pop up” situation. I’ve had this on my tablet before and the reason why the pop up keep on coming up is because of another app you have installed on your mobile/tablet that suggest you to use another cleaner app. Since I uninstalled that app, my browser has been safe and clean 🙂

      Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help you, I know it’s a lot of change for ASDAZE, but we are coming up with new projects and new graphics, until then we are sorry if the website is not up to par with your expectation. 🙂

      • heyahala says:

        hi thank you for your recommendation. i think the main problem now it is not updated….even when i open the site using browser from computer…..the latest update is from 27th february?…is it just me or other user also having the same problem….it’s kind of weird if the site not updated almost for 2 weeks…since lots of things happened for this coming OC comeback

        • dason says:

          You’re welcome
          As for the site being updated, it depends on which site you go, we are not active anymore on since we have our own domaine now which is, we update it regularly a few times a day. We’re actually in the mist of OC promotion, with tutorials, teasers, tweets so check it up!
          if you don’t mind providing us screenshots of the website not updated(Febuary 27th), we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

          • heyahala says:

            this is so frustrating….it’s been a month….whenever i go to homepage….it’s still the same

            i need to click on page 2 and then go back to page 1 again….only then i can read the latest updates… it only me having this problem?

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