Announcement: ASDaze is Recruiting!


AfterSchoolDaze is looking for dedicated fans to join our team!

If you love After School and would like to be a part of the ASDaze team, check out this post to see if you have the interest and ability to fill one of our open positions: Korean and Japanese translatorsgraphic designers, a news co-admin, and a Facebook/Tumblr co-admin. That said, for some applicants, we do consider alternate roles better suited to their interest and experience, so don’t be afraid to just apply!

All recruits will undergo a one month trial period before being confirmed as part of the team.

Positions Required:

Graphic Designers
Job Description:
Graphic designers will be in charge of graphics and layout for the site and its activities. They are responsible for the colors and eye-candy.

– Have Photoshop (or equivalent)
– Be good at editing/manipulating photos, choosing and pairing colors, and with typographies
– Be willing to give 5-10 samples of your work
– Be willing to work efficiently with a team to produce graphics for the site

Korean and Japanese Translators

Job Description: 
To translate news updates from either Korean or Japanese sites into English. To follow and translate the After School members’ SNS updates.

– Be fluent both the language of translation (Korean or Japanese) and English
– Be able to check at least once a day to see if they are any updates, and be active and ready to translate at least one hour a day
– Be willing to communicate with other translators to split the work and finish translations as fast as possible
– Be willing to learn ASDaze’s method of posting

Facebook/Tumblr Co-Admin
Job Description: 
To update the Facebook once a day, spacing out photo posts, translations, and special events like Flashback Fridays, #SONGDAZE (occasional Mondays). To update the Tumblr once a day, and keep it organised and neat.

– Be detailed, organised, and like order
– Be creative and demonstrate that you have good ideas to make the Facebook and Tumblr sites even more engaging


If you think you’ve got what we’re looking for, fill up the form below!

Please note:
1. We will get back to selected applicants only. All selected applicants will undergo a one month trial period before being confirmed as part of the team.
2. We may choose to implement this in phases, depending on the turnout, so some positions may be filled more quickly than others.
3. None of these positions are paid. We are just a group of dedicated fans eager to bring After School to the international community.

Any queries should be left as a comment to this post.

Looking forward to having you on the team! ♥

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5 Responses to Announcement: ASDaze is Recruiting!

  1. dason says:

    are some of the admin stepping down , since you are looking for people filling in their position ? admin J and R

    • Jayden says:

      The admins are not stepping down, but we’re looking for additional staff to join the team 🙂 The admins will be helping to manage the teams so that we can start to take on larger projects together as a fansite, and help to expand After School’s international fanbase!

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