Announcement: ASDaze Has Moved!

Looking for us? 🙂 Find us at our new home:

As part of our opening ceremony on 28 February, drop by our celebratory post and say hi!

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Video + Flicks: After School performing at WAPOP concert – 140928

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Video + Flicks: Orange Caramel at Daegu Campus Event – 140929 part 2


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Info: Nana donates to Seoul Art College’s Charity Bazaar in Seoul


She gave item such as AfterSchool & OrangeCaramel’s signed CD & Costumes. Nana also gave her costume that she wear during her Japan activities for auction too.



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Discussion: Raina’s Solo Debut, Reset!


Hey Everyone!

I’m sure you’re just as excited as we are that Raina is finally going solo! Based on her success with SanE, I’m sure she’ll slay with her solo debut… but let’s work hard to make sure that it becomes a reality!

That said, what are your ideas for some fun support activities?

Would you like another giveaway? If so, what sort of prize would most excite you? (I mean, you’ll be supporting Raina anyway… might as well win a prize while you’re at it!)

Let us know in the comments below!


Also, remember~ The Ultimate Fan Badge will be a prerequisite for all upcoming comeback support activities! It’s easy to earn and it ensures you’ll know everything you’ll need to know to support Raina next week! So get a head start and earn it now:D



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Fantaken Flicks: U-ie, Lizzy, E-young and KaEun at Delcam The 25th User Group Conference – 140926

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Video + Flicks: Orange Caramel at Daegu Campus Event – 140929

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Info: After School SCHEDULE Sept 29 – Oct 12

[Concert] 한국폴리텍대학 Daegu Campus Events (Orange Caramel)

[Broadcast] AS BB #3 2014 F/W EP3
[Record] AS BB (Jungah, Jooyeon,E-Young)

[Fashion Show] 2014 Girl Award (Nana, Kaeun) in JAPAN
[Concert]  Gangneung University event ( AS w/o Nana,Kaeun)

[Concert] Incheon event (After School w/o Orange Caramel members)
[Concert] JTV public broadcasting harmony day (Orange Caramel)
[Concert] Ajou University event (After School w/o Orange Caramel members)
[Concert] Gwangju University event (Orange Caramel)

[Radio] K.Will Youngstreet Radio (Orange Caramel)

[Broadcast] 2014 Sky Festival – MBC Show Music Core
[Concert] Busan International Film Festival (Orange Caramel)
[Broadcast] Muse Dress EP7 (Nana)

[Concert] P6:30 계양구민의 날 기념 가을 음악회 (Orange Caramel)
[Broadcast] SBS ROOMMATE 2 (Nana)

[Event] ‘Man from Earth’ press conference (Jooyeon)

[Concert] Dankook University Cheonan Campus (Orange Caramel)
[Concert] Soonchunhyang University Cheonan Campus (Orange Caramel)

[Broadcast]AS BB #3 2014 F/W EP4
[Record] AS BB (Jungah, Jooyeon,E-Young,Kaeun)

♡ Raina The 1st Digital Single ‘Reset’ release

[Concert] 광주공단축제 (w/o Orange Caramel members)
[Concert] 숭실대학교 행사 (Orange Caramel )

[Concert] Green Umbrella event (Orange Caramel)

[Concert] Busan Sasang Riverside Festival (w/o Raina )
[Broadcast] Muse Dress EP8 (Nana)

[Broadcast] OBS event (Orange Caramel)
[Broadcast] SBS ROOMMATE 2 (Nana)

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